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$199 PowerPoint for Business Blowout! (Normally $299/ea)

PowerPivot Fundamentals Level 5a $199 (Normally $299)

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$199 QuickBooks Level 1 or Level 2 for PC, Mac, or Online Classes (Normally $299/ea)

Now $545-Excel Power Programming with VBA (Normally $659)

Now $649-Photoshop Essentials 2 Day Course (Normally $749)

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Student Retakes

A student can retake a fully paid public course once within 1 year from the date of the given class.

Instructions for submitting a Retake Request:
1. Each class a student takes can be found in Completed Classes section of Student Panel. If you can't locate your classes please call 212-658-1918 for assistance.
2. Verify that the title of the class you are requesting is in your Completed Classes section.
3. New Date Request: Choose the class date and time you would like to retake the class and email us at

Students will receive an acknowledgement of their request within 24 hours and will get a final confirmation as to the availability of the requested retake 48-72 hours before the date of the requested class. If the student does not receive confirmation they should call us at 212-658-1918 to confirm the status of their request..

There will be no charge for the retake, as long as the student brings their manual from the original class. A $25.00 Book Replacement Fee will be charged if a new manual is needed.


All reschedules may be done in your "Current Classes" area on right. No charge for substituting students at any time.

No charge to reschedule or cancel before 7 business days of class.

There is a $25 rescheduling or cancellation fee (including retakes rescheduling) 3-7 business days from the start of class.

No refund or rescheduling permitted within 2 business days of start of class.

No refund or retakes given for cancellations within 2 business days from the start of class or "no-shows" the day of class.

If a retake is cancelled within 2 business days from the start of class, another retake may not be scheduled.

We cannot guarantee that any class offered will not be cancelled or students rescheduled due to scheduling conflict. Retake seats are subject to availability. Students will be notified if class is cancelled or rescheduled.


We do not sell or give away information to any third parties.

Your emails and phone numbers are only used in relation to training.

You may receive follow up emails if communication is lost.


We retain all scheduling and registration information for five years. Can be supplied upon request.


We do not have a one size fits all complaint policy. Each issue is unique and therefore requires a unique solution. All comments, compliments and complaints are directed to our courteous client manager.

Complaints can be submitted by phone at 212-658-1918 or email. We will work to reach a solution that’s fair to both the student and NYIM. We closely adhere to our posted cancellation and rescheduling policy but may, at our discretion, accommodate students during unexpected circumstances. Issues are typically resolved within 5 business days.


Our courses are revised and reviewed with each software update as our goal is to make sure that the courses are relevant to the newest changes while meeting course objectives. We review the courses every year despite if there are no changes in software.