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PowerPoint Template Design & Redesign Services in NYC, New York

We offer Powerpoint design and redesign services for your business needs. Our design services help to improve efficiency, increase workflow productivity, and optimize your presentation for the desired audience impact. We can save you hundreds of hours a year. The newly designed or redesigned templates can easily be updated. From color schemes to animations, we help to give your presentation a new look while keeping it consistent with the company's branding. Our goal is to help businesses better deliver their message to their target audience. For more information, such as pricing, or to request our template design services, please call 718.795.3608 or email us.

Case Study- Marwood

Client had no use of masterslides, consistent color, layouts, positioning or fonts. Many hours of time wasted and users were experiencing severe frustration.


We developed a print and online template after analyzing the different types of layouts needed by users. Implemented easy to use layouts, color schemes, default charts, fonts schemes. We then helped break up cluttered slides. We were told this saved over 45 hours a week of work.

Movie of time line broken up to be more viewable and easy to understand (Original Time line in upper right corner)

Other Examples