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Excel for Business Level I - Fundamentals (EXPRESS)

Excel for Business Level I is the first of a three part series that aims to tackle the most common and practical uses of Excel in business. This is the perfect course for those who are either new to Excel or would like to improve their understanding and efficiency of its applications in business. By the end of this course, you will feel confident navigating through Excel worksheets and working with formulas, databases, charts, formatting, shortcuts and printing. The skills you take away from this course will prove crucial to building a strong resume and boosting your job performance - you will truly be amazed at how much you will benefit from this course!

Express Classes

Too busy to take a full day class but want to advance your Excel skillset? Try NYIM's Express Classes. Our Express Classes are designed to complete the course material in only three hours by moving at an accelerated pace and focusing on the essentials. You'll still receive full access to NYIM's premier video suite, which recaps each topic in the standard course. The Express class is perfect for those who work on tight schedules, learn quickly, want a brief refresher course, or want to self-study part of the course with our revolutionary video suite. Free Retakes for Life still applies, and you can retake the full 6-hour course by paying the $50 price differential. 


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Course Outline

Data Entry Examines and describes multiple means of entering data
Autofill Explores Excel's amazing ability to predict and extrapolate patterns
Calculations Perform mathematical expressions and review the Order of Operations rule
AutoSum Functions Review the five key functions: Sum, Average, Max, Min, and Count Numbers
Text Functions Introduces functions used to modify text in Excel
Multi-Input Functions More advanced functions that require more than one input
Absolute Cell References Changing a cell reference into a constant, which is necessary in certain calculations
Formatting The addition of effects to an excel document to provide visual instruction
Format Painter The ability to copy format from one cell/range of cells to another cell/range of cells
Conditional Format Create rules that determine the formatting of cell(s)
Charts & Tables  
Chart Create various charts visually examine data
Tables Explores the special functionality created when data is converted to a Table
Workbook Management  
Printing Rules and strategies to make printing easy
Worksheets Insert, move, copy and delete worksheets
Rows & Columns Insert, hide, group and freeze rows and columns
Save and Close Save, close and email your finished product


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