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Excel for Business Level I - Fundamentals

Excel for Business Level I - Fundamentals is the first of a three part series that aims to tackle the most common and practical uses of Excel in business. This is the perfect course for those who are either new to Excel or would like to improve their understanding and efficiency of its applications in business. By the end of this course, you will feel confident navigating through Excel worksheets and working with formulas, databases, charts, formatting, shortcuts and printing. The skills you take away from this course will prove crucial to building a strong resume and boosting your job performance - you will truly be amazed at how much you will benefit from this course!


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Course Outline

1) Introduction What is Excel and what can it be used for?
2) Interface Provides a brief description of the user interface for Microsoft Excel
3) Data Entry Examines and describes multiple means of entering data
4) Autofill Explores Excel's amazing ability to predict and extrapolate patterns
5) Calculations Perform mathematical expressions and review the Order of Operations rule
6) AutoSum Functions Review the five key functions: Sum, Average, Max, Min, and Count Numbers
7) Text Functions Introduces functions used to modify text in Excel
8) Multi-Input Functions More advanced functions that require more than one input
9) Absolute Cell References Changing a cell reference into a constant, which is necessary in certain calculations
10) Formatting The addition of effects to an excel document to provide visual instruction
11) Format Painter The ability to copy format from one cell/range of cells to another cell/range of cells
12) Conditional Format Apply a predetermined format based on specified rules
Charts & Tables  
13) Line Chart Create a Line chart and Spark lines to visually examine data
14) Column Chart Create a Column chart to visually examine data
15) Pie Chart Create a Pie chart to visually examine data
16) Tables Explores the special functionality created when data is converted to a Table
Workbook Management  
17) Printing Rules and strategies to make printing easy
18) Worksheets Insert, move, copy and delete worksheets
19) Rows & Columns Insert, hide, group and freeze rows and columns
20) Save and Close Save, close and email your finished product
End of Class Project  
21) Project End of class project to review key concepts from the class



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Client Testimonials
Great school and Garfield is my favorite teacher. I've taken 2 excel classes with him and it's been very helpful. He is very clear and explains all the ins and outs. 09/13/17- Emily I. attended Excel for Business Level I - Fundamentals
I recommend NYIM highly because they are a pleasure to work with. Nick was wonderfully helpful and Michael is a patient excellent teacher. Thanks so much! 8/21/2017- Teri B attended Excel for Business Level I - Fundamentals
Truly enjoyed business excel 101 with Michael. 7/28/17- Linda L. attended Excel for Business Level I - Fundamentals
Had a blast with Michael today at business level 1! 7/28/17- Jesus B. attended Excel for Business Level I - Fundamentals
Great Excel class! I'm a pretty seasoned Excel user, so there were parts that were definitely review, but I still learned a whole lot. Michael kept the pace up, though not too fast, and he wasn't married to his agenda. He was flexible and was willing to answer questions at any time. The course materials were great, too, and there was sufficient time built in for completing exercises. I highly recommend. 6/27/17- Kate S. attended Excel for Business Level I - Fundamentals
Fast-paced class, a lot of information in a short amount of time--- condensed to most useful tips and tricks. Very glad I was able to participate as I learned a lot more than I already knew. Michael was a great instructor with a very easygoing vibe. 6/27/17- Roksana B. attended Excel for Business Level I - Fundamentals
Michael was great with the excel training that was done at my company today. Though I knew basic excel, today I learned new tricks and new functions regarding excel.- Joanna M. attended Excel for Business Level I - Fundamentals
This class was very informative. I would highly recommend it for everyone and anyone whether you're highly experienced in excel, or a beginner. Instructor Michael was very helpful, patient, and answered every question with confidence. 6/22/17- Christopher A. attended Excel for Business Level I - Fundamentals
Michael Magreta is Excellent! This is my 3rd course at NYIM Training - every Class offers all that I needed an much much more! 6/22/17- Susan C. attended Excel for Business Level I - Fundamentals
It was a full day from 10am-5, fast-moving and packed with information on all the Excel basics, including on-the-spot exercises. Really useful for skills in managing all kinds of information and projects. I'd highly recommend this course, and would like to take the L2 when I'm ready! 6/22/17- Kathleen H. attended Excel for Business Level I - Fundamentals
Excel for Business Level 1: Garfield was a great teacher. He was thorough on each topic. The class moved at a good pace and a lot was covered in the day. I will return for the second class. 6/19/2017- Mary Kate M. attended Excel for Business Level I - Fundamentals