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Excel for Business Level II - Intermediate

Excel for Business Level II - Intermediate is the second of a three part series that aims to tackle the most common and practical uses of Excel in business. This course is perfect for those who have either taken Level I or already have a basic working knowledge of Excel and would like to improve efficiency and expand into more complex functions and data management features. By the end of this course, you will know how to dynamically extract data from large databases, quickly organize and summarize tables with Pivot Tables, and manage large amounts of data. You'll also learn some handy tricks and shortcuts to cut down hours of unnecessary work each day.



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Course Outline


Worksheet Management  
1) Navigation Keyboard shortcuts that facilitate quick and easy navigation around the worksheet
2) Paste Special Use Paste Special to apply formats, as well as perform calculations on selected cells
3) Splitting Text Use Text to Columns to split text into multiple cells
4) Joining Text Join text from separate cells
Database Management  
5) Named Ranges Assign a name to a range of cells to make it easier to reference those ranges in calculations
6) Data Validation Create a dropdown menu to make data entry quicker and more efficient
7) Sort & Filter Use Sort & Filter to find and organize data in large databases
8) Remove Duplicates Use Remove Duplicates to eliminate duplicate data
Database Functions  
9) Vlookup Use Vlookup to find information in one column and return information from another column
10) Hlookup Use Hlookup to find information in one row and return information from a second row
11) Vlookup-Closet Match If an "Exact Match" cannot be found, Vlookup can still be used to find the closest match
Logical Functions  
12) True, False, Not Tests to see whether criteria is true/false, or not true/false
13) And, Or Tests to see whether multiple conditions are true
14) IF statements Use IF statements to return output based on the contents of another cell
Statistical Functions  
15) Rank.eq function Use Rank.eq function to determine a cell's position within a larger array
16) Countifs function Use Countifs function to count cells based on one or more conditions
17) Sumifs function Use Sumifs function to sum cells based on one or more conditions
Pivot Tables  
18) Table review Review benefits of formatting data as a table
19) Pivot Table Create Pivot Tables to quickly summarize large databases
20) Pivot Tables & Grouping Group within Pivot Tables
21) Multiple Pivot Tables Create multiple Pivot Tables on a single worksheet
End of Class Project  
22) Project End of class project to review key concepts from the class


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Client Testimonials
Just finished excel level 2 class. Went to review my excel skills before starting new job but ended up learning new tricks and functions also. The lecturer (Garfield) was very calm,kind, and informative. Thank you, Garfield! 11/04/2017- Bokyong A. attended Excel for Business Level II - Intermediate
I retook this course. Garfield did not teach my first course but he taught my second course. He is a fantastic teacher. He is so clear and methodological. I highly recommend this class. 9/28- Dominika J. attended Excel for Business Level II - Intermediate
Great Excel Training! Garfield does a great job at instilling actionable tips and shortcuts that can really be used ASAP! Would recommend to anyone looking enhance their skillset! 9/7/17- Aston F attended Excel for Business Level II - Intermediate
Thank you Michael for teaching this course!! Your knowledge of the material really help me to feel confident in taking what I've learned in the classroom and applying it to my newly assigned work projects. I would recommend this class to anyone wanting a better understanding of Excel. 08/06/2017- Tracy A attended Excel for Business Level II - Intermediate