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Excel for Business Series Bundle


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Excel for Business Series Bundle

The Excel for Business Series is a three part series that aims to tackle the most common and practical uses of Excel in business, from basic data entry and navigation to advanced functions, data structures and optimizations. This series is perfect for those who are either new to Excel or would like to improve their skills and efficiency with formal training - it is an absolute must for anyone who either currently or prospectively works in any capacity that utilizes any spreadsheet software.
The curriculum for this series are all brand new and taught by the top trainers in the industry. Not only does this course have a special emphasis on hands on practice, but includes a complimentary suite of video tutorials that can be used to review the course materials anytime and anywhere. You will truly be amazed at how effective you will become after taking this series!


Package includes:



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  • Custom Printed Manual
  • Shortcut sheets
  • Unique login code for NYIM's cutting-edge video suite


How to sign up for the Excel for Business Series Bundle

Check out choosing the 12/31/2020 date.
Once you purchase Excel for Business Series Bundle you will receive an email confirmation. Please check class schedules for our Excel for Business Series classes using links below and let us know which dates you would like to register for.

Excel for Business Level I
Intermediate Excel for Business Level II
Advanced Excel for Business Level III


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