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Excel for Finance

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Excel for Finance focuses on the application of Excel’s powerful tools in various financial fields, including investment banking, hedge funds, private equity and real estate. The course is perfect for those entering or currently working in corporate finance seeking to advance their skillset and day-to-day productivity, with at least an intermediate-level background in Excel. You'll review various financial functions, as well as core Excel techniques typically used in building DCF modeling, including What If Analysis, running multiple scenarios, and building out the various components of the model. You'll also learn to build a loan amortization schedule while reviewing advanced functions in the process. Shortcuts and time-saving tricks are embedded throughout the lessons. By the end of this course, you will feel confident using Excel’s tools to create exemplary financial output as well as cut down hours of unnecessary work from your daily routine.


- Intermediate knowledge of Excel

- The course references several financial concepts, such as the income statement components and DCF, but in-depth knowledge of those concepts is helpful, but not required. It is recommended to briefly review these concepts before the session:

- Income statement line items (revenue, cost of goods sold, gross profit, SG&A, D&A, tax, net income)

- Discounted Cash Flow Model

- Future Value and Present Value

- IRR and NPV

- Loan Amortization Schedule

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Class Perks

  • Practical and hands-on training classes
  • Proprietary curriculum refined by industry experts
  • Interactive courses taught by engaging instructors
  • Revolutionary video suite with premium content
  • Personalized attention in small class sizes

Course Outline

Financial Functions  
1) Financial Functions I NPV, IRR, XNPV, XIRR
2) Financial Functions II FV and PV
DCF Modeling Part I - Assumptions  
3) Data Validation Use data validation to define the model's scenarios
4) Nested IFs Show the active scenario with Nested IFs
5) CHOOSE Function Select the scenario to run through the model
6) Naming Cells Name cells for future reference in formulas
DCF Modeling Part II - Cash Flows  
7) EOMONTH Populate the future dates using EOMONTH
8) IFERROR Use IFERROR to avoid showing cell errors
9) Basic Financial Calculations Calculate Net Income and project the future cash flows using the model's assumptions
10) Calculating the Share Price Use the model to calculate the enterprise value and share price
DCF Modeling Part III - Sensitivities  
11) Data Tables Use Data Tables to sensitize the model's key inputs
12) Advanced Conditional Format Conditional Format with formulas to highlight cells that meet certain criteria
13) Goal Seek Calculate the revenue growth required to hit a certain share price
DCF Modeling Part IV - Auditing  
14) Cell Auditing Review the model for errors and formula consistency
15) Paste Special Divide Convert the model from thousands to millions
16) Go To Special Change the color of hardcoded cells only
17) Formula Tab Calculation options, circular references, error checking
Loan Amortization Model  
18) PMT Function Use the Payment function to calculate the monthly payment on a mortgage
19) Loan Table Use various Excel tricks to quickly populate the loan table
20) Advanced SUMIFs Extract data from the loan table

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