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Excel Specialist Certification Bundle


Jun 22: 10:00am–5:00pm$89910185 Madison Avenue, NYC
Jun 28: 10:00am–5:00pm$89910185 Madison Avenue, NYC
Jun 30: 10:00am–5:00pm$89910185 Madison Avenue, NYC
Jul 2, Jul 3: 6:00pm–9:00pm$89910185 Madison Avenue, NYC
Jul 5: 10:00am–5:00pm$89910185 Madison Avenue, NYC
Jul 11: 10:00am–5:00pm$89910185 Madison Avenue, NYC
Jul 15: 10:30am–5:30pm$89910185 Madison Avenue, NYC
Jul 17: 10:00am–5:00pm$89910185 Madison Avenue, NYC
Jul 17, Jul 18: 6:00pm–9:00pm$89910185 Madison Avenue, NYC
Jul 23: 10:00am–5:00pm$89910185 Madison Avenue, NYC
Jul 27: 10:00am–5:00pm$89910185 Madison Avenue, NYC
Jul 28: 10:00am–5:00pm$89910185 Madison Avenue, NYC
Aug 1, Aug 2: 6:00pm–9:00pm$89910185 Madison Avenue, NYC
Aug 2: 10:00am–5:00pm$89910185 Madison Avenue, NYC
Aug 7: 10:00am–5:00pm$89910185 Madison Avenue, NYC
Aug 12: 10:30am–5:30pm$89910185 Madison Avenue, NYC
Aug 13: 10:00am–5:00pm$89910185 Madison Avenue, NYC
Aug 13, Aug 14: 6:00pm–9:00pm$89910185 Madison Avenue, NYC
Aug 17: 10:00am–5:00pm$89910185 Madison Avenue, NYC
Aug 22: 10:00am–5:00pm$89910185 Madison Avenue, NYC
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Note: To sign up for the Excel Specialist Certification Package, check out by choosing your first class date above (Excel for Business Fundamentals). Then contact us to schedule your next two Excel classes, 2 hours of private training, and the Specialist Exam (proctoring for the exam is included). You'll have two years to complete the certification, so you don't need to provide the dates at registration.

Excel Certification New York City

Microsoft Excel Certification Courses & Exams

Boost your credentials today and get certified in Microsoft Excel. NYIM offers the perfect Excel Specialist Certification program which includes three Excel courses (fundamentals, intermediate, and advanced), two hours of private training, and the Specialist Exam with a free retake. You'll also receive access to our premium video suite, the perfect source to prepare for the exam.

  1. Excel for Business Fundamentals group class with a Free Retake & revolutionary Beginner Excel video suite
  2. Intermediate Excel for Business group with a Free Retake & revolutionary Intermediate Excel video suite
  3. Advanced Excel for Business group class with a Free Retake & revolutionary Advanced Excel video suite
  4. Two hours of private training
  5. Proctored Specialist Certification exam with a free retake

We also offer an Excel Expert Certification package, which includes the classes above, four hours of private training, and the Excel Expert Exam with a free retake.

Why get certified in Microsoft Excel?

According to studies by employment professionals, holding an MOS certification can increase employee salaries by $16,000 or more annually compared to uncertified peers. Microsoft Excel is the among the most necessary (if not the most) crucial skill you can possess in the workforce today. For only $899, you can get 20 hours of Excel training (3 group classes & 2 hours of private training) and earn your Excel certification. The Excel certification exam and proctoring for the exam at our location are included, and you'll even get a free retake for each class and the exam. 

See for yourself how getting your Excel certification can transform your career. 

Microsoft Excel Certification Program Benefits

  • Includes three Excel classes taught by the top instructors in New York
  • Free retake for each class and the certification exam
  • Proven track record of success for passing the exam
  • Package includes the exam and proctoring at our facility
  • Flexible scheduling for classes, private tutoring and the exam

Learn More About the Excel Certification Program & Exam

The exam you will take is called "Excel 2016: Core Data Analysis, Manipulation, and Presentation" and is administered by Certiport (other versions are available upon request). The cost of the exam and proctoring for the exam are included in the Certification Bundle price. NYIM is an authorized Certiport testing center, and we will work with you before the exam to ensure you'll pass.

Main topics covered on the Excel Specialist Exam:

  • Create and manage worksheets and workbooks
  • Manage data cells and ranges
  • Creating tables
  • Perform operations with formulas and functions
  • Create charts and objects

See Microsoft's Excel Certification page for more information on the exam topics. 

What are the different Excel Certifications and should I get one?

“Are you experienced in Excel?” is a common, yet poorly-worded question asked by supervisors and hiring managers throughout the professional world. What exactly do they mean by “experienced”? How do you answer such an ambiguous question?

Fortunately, Microsoft saw this frustration and created certifications for all its products. To be certified in Excel means that Microsoft deems your Excel skill set to be recognized as substantial. This removes the relative value judgment from your answer (“I am very capable”) and replaces it with a more qualified judgment (“According to Microsoft, I am very capable”).

But, why become certified? Excel is easily one of the most in-demand skills required by employers. To hold an Excel certification is like having Microsoft write a recommendation letter speaking to your Excel abilities. It allows employers to know that you possess a certain level of knowledge and mental acuity when using the software, which can speak louder than just being someone who is known as being “really good” at Excel.

Excel certification is offered in two different forms: Specialist and Expert. Which level is right for you depends on a lot of different factors, such as familiarity, industry, and ambition, to name a few. The Specialist certification is based more on general Excel skills and functionalities. The Expert certification is much more advanced and specific.

How do you become certified? By taking a test; specifically, a 50-minute, 30+ question, task-based exam. If you score a 70% or higher, you become certified! Once certified, you are certified for life.

Is certification worth it? That is a personal choice. But if you are interested in pursuing professional development and being able to clearly communicate your skills, it would certainly be something to think about. After all, the difference between “what we know” and “what other people know, we know” can have an impact on our futures.

More About the Excel Certification Classes

To ensure that you pass the Excel certification exam, you will take three group classes: FundamentalsIntermediate, and Advanced, for a total of 21 hours of group-class training. In these classes, you'll learn calculations, basic to advanced functions, graphs, formatting, tables, printing, Pivot Tables, macros, What-If Analysis and more. Based on just the group classes (with the supplemental video suites and free retakes if you need), you'll have the skillset to pass Specialist Exam. You'll also get two hours of additional prviate training to tie up some loose ends and get additional practice.

The Expert Exam is more specific and advanced, so we provide an additional four hours of private training in that package. For details on topics covered on that exam, see the Excel Expert Certification  Program page.

What is the difference between the Excel Specialist & Excel Expert Certifications?

While both the Specialist and Expert Certifications are official Microsoft certifications (with 50-minute exams administered by Certiport), the Expert Certification is a higher level of certification and covers more advanced topics.

Here is a basic topic comparison between the certifications:

Excel Specialist: Create and manage worksheets and workbooks, manage data cells and ranges, creating tables, perform operations with formulas and functions, and create charts and objects.

Excel Expert: Manage workbook options and settings, apply custom data formats and layouts, advanced formulas, and advanced charts and formulas.

As you can see, the Expert Certification takes each topic to the next level. Essentially, the Specialist exam covers topics mostly covered in our Fundamentals and Intermediate classes, while the Expert exam cover topics from all three levels. 




Client Testimonials
I'm enrolled in the Excel for Business three part series of courses. The first course was informative and very helpful! Everything is very easy to understand and the instructor works with students to make sure they are following the main concepts. The first class is a general overview of shortcuts, basic formulas, and the most useful concepts of Excel that are most applicable to the world of business and general office management. This is an all-day class and yes there is a lot of information thrown at you, but even someone with no Excel experience should not find this hard to grasp because of how it is organized. 03/09/2018- Ryan B. attended Excel Specialist Certification Bundle