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Photoshop Advanced Realistic Photomontage & Ad Creation training in New York

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Photoshop Advanced Realistic Photomontage & Ad Creation

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This Photoshop training class concentrates on the most advanced topics that we see designers using. When you are finished with this class you will be able to know the advanced techniques of photomontage and the correct way to create light source, shadows, composition, surfaces, reflections and good-looking images. This class is perfect to graphic designers, photoshop retouchers, photographers, advertising designers. If you want to learn advanced techniques of Photomontage scenes, and if you use Photoshop every day, this course is for you.

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  • Adobe Photoshop CC Manual
  • CD Rom with example files
  • Supplemental movie tutorials
  • Customized supplemental notes

Course Outline

Download PDF Outline

Lesson1: Extracting

Extract hair and objects from the background
Extract with Photoshop filters and commands
Extract with channels
Creating hair
Hair brushes

Lesson 2.  Retouching

Retouching Hair, Skin, Clothes and surfaces
Color correction in photomontage and Enhancing images

Lesson1: Creating compositions
Using Vanishing point to create virtual spaces for photo composition
Creating textures
Creating Lights and luminosity
Light source
Creating Reflection and Shadows
Final retouch and enhancing

Final Project:
The final project is a composition of different images, we start with different photos, then we retouch, extract and make color correction in every photo to build a final composition adding reflection, shadow lights coherence to get a great look with professional standards


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Client Testimonials
Eugene is fantastic!! He is also very knowledgeable when answering questions. A pro who takes his time with students and makes sure our questions are 110% answered.- C.V. attended Photoshop Advanced Realistic Photomontage & Ad Creation