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PowerPoint for Business

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The PowerPoint class concentrates on the most common topics we see NYC businesses using on a daily basis. When you are finished with this class you will be able to create a reusable PowerPoint Template, make an easily updatable, engaging, consistent presentation, deliver a presentation without difficulty, feel comfortable with importing slides from other presentations, movies, images, smart art & word outlines, be the "go to" person for PowerPoint questions in your office and collaborate on presentations. This class is perfect for those seeking to feel comfortable with most PowerPoint office tasks, those looking to interview for positions that require an advanced user level in PowerPoint, and those going into the Administrative, Advertising, Marketing or Business industries.



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Class Perks


* The most practical and hands-on training to boost productivity and skill

* State-of-the-art curriculums refined by industry experts over nearly two decades

* Interactive, personable, and engaging instructors with several years of in-field and training experience

* Free Retakes for Life!®

* Small classroom sizes for personalized attention

* Custom in-depth manuals and mousepads with key shortcuts

* Convenient location and comfortable learning environment



Course Outline

Lesson 1
PowerPoint’s Purpose
The PowerPoint Application Workspace
Methods to Create New Presentations
Saving Files
Lesson 2
Adding Slides and Text
Title Slide
Adding Text, Slides and Slide Layouts
Using Bullets
Changing Line heights
Lesson 3
Slide Masters
Working with Slide Masters
Theme Slide Master vs. Layout Slide Masters
Modifying the Slide Master
Creating Custom Layout
Returning to the Slide Presentation

Lesson 4
Adding Graphics
Pictures or Images
Clip Art and Smart Art
To Adjust the Format of the Text Elements
Convert Bullets to SmartArt
Lesson 5
PowerPoint Charts
To Adjust the format of the Text Elements
Using Paste to Copy and Excel Chart in a PowerPoint slide
Using Paste Special to Link to an Excel Chart in a PowerPoint slide
Using Paste Special to Copy and Excel Chart to a slide as an image
Lesson 6
Shape Objects
Adding a shape object
Adding Text to a Shape
Modifying/Formatting a Shape
Aligning and Distributing Shapes

Connecting and Grouping Shapes
Changing the order/layer of shapes
Selection and visibility pane
Text boxes
Lesson 7
Managing Your Presentation
Spell Check
Slide Sorter View
Speaker Notes
Create Audience Handouts
Lesson 8
Delivering A Presentation
Standard Animations and Custom Animation
Save as a Show
Package for CD
Run a slide show
Final Project:
Creating a full presentation on your favorite hobby utilizing all learned functions.



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Client Testimonials
I took a PowerPoint for Business Group Class with Scott. It was one of the best classes I took so far (my second class at NYIM). The entire day was structured into lessons and Scott covered each lesson in detail. The class was very interactive, he asked us questions throughout the day to keep our attention going, and asked refresher questions on any new tips we learned. He had all PowerPoint presentations ready and was really knowledgeable and well prepared. He also gave us a lot of general information related to PPT which was just fun to know and made the class really enjoyable. I highly recommend Scott for any newcomers and will take another refresher course with him. 8/26/2016- Leila T. attended PowerPoint for Business
The instructor was very helpful. He really knows his PowerPoint. I feel that I got the attention I needed. I think it's wonderful to have a smaller class because that way the instructor has more time to spend with the student. NYIM is the BEST place to take computer classes. I was very impressed with this PowerPoint class.HOORAY!!!! Whatever didn't register in my head is written in black and white in the manual. This makes things more easier for the student. I NEVER had any connection with PowerPoint but today's class has given me a better perspective.- A.G. attended PowerPoint for Business
Having participated in a private training session for myself and co-worker as opposed to a group setting I found it to be personal and extremely helpful. I didn't feel as if I were lost as can be the case when part of a group. Our instructor, Scott had an excellent knowledge of the material he presented. He was very professional and patient. I would recommend him for any who are interested in PowerPoint training. I appreciated that he was willing to go over the basics in PowerPoint as a refresher before moving to the advanced version.- C.J. attended PowerPoint for Business
Very informative. Learned many new things to do with powerpoint - attended PowerPoint for Business
Joe was wonderful and really knowledgeable. He also made sure to keep closely in touch with each student's progress as the training progressed.- Global Health Strategies attended PowerPoint for Business
Scott explained clearly and was patient and thorough. Did an excellent job of dealing with the students' varying speeds of learning- M.Z. attended PowerPoint for Business
I think Scott did an excellent job. You can tell he's had a lot of experience using the program, and he was able to communicate the material in a timely and organized fashion which made it easier to follow. He takes the time to make sure everyone understood the material and gave us plenty of practice to go with it!- J.F. attended PowerPoint for Business
Scott is a fabulous instructor and I look forward to attending the advanced class. I had no idea that you could do so much with PowerPoint until i came here. Thanks.- B.S. attended PowerPoint for Business
Scott was very patient and willing go over things as much as needed. i learned a great deal during the time i was here. great as a refresher or an intro!- B.O. attended PowerPoint for Business
Working with Scott was wonderful. He is a great instructor. I walked away happily, knowing how to prepare a presentation..... Thanks again,- A.B. attended PowerPoint for Business
I really liked the way Joe taught; he put us at ease and had a laid back way of teaching. I realized that what was happening was that I was learning every single thing he was teaching, in a really relaxed way - a very refreshing way to learn. Joe was also very patient and kind, and obviously knew a LOT about PowerPoint and computers in general.- D.H. attended PowerPoint for Business
I finished the course last night with Scott. I wanted to tell you that he is a great instructor. He engages, entertains and is very thorough in his approach to the outline. He is an asset to your center. Thank you. - R.M. attended PowerPoint for Business
Joe is very knowledgeable and patient. I liked his real- world analysis or references to bring points across. Also loved his suggestions on what animation and transition options to use for my legal research environment.- K.W.A. attended PowerPoint for Business
Joe is a world of knowledge. His ability to communicate and translate the computer phrases to layman terms was the best I have seen in all my years of being an Instructor as well. This Class is going to enhance my skills in Powerpoint presenting and also be able to communicate better to my audience. My hat goes off to Joe!- A.D. attended PowerPoint for Business
Joe is an excellent teacher. This is my first class and I am very impressed and plan on signing up for more classes. You are lucky he represents your company. Joe is a Master and a professional!- E.C. attended PowerPoint for Business
I thought that Scott was EXCELLENT at teaching PowerPoint. He was patient, knowledgeable, and very clear in his instruction and explanation of the program.- NA. attended PowerPoint for Business
I enjoyed my excel class so much that I was very interested in the Powerpoint. I am so happy with the training quality that i am coming back for Photoshop! Thank you !- M.V. attended PowerPoint for Business