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QuickBooks Level 1 for Mac


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QuickBooks Level 1 for Mac

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This day is for people using the MAC Desktop Edition of QuickBooks. The morning will consist of setting up a company, working with the chart of accounts and setting it up for a typical LLC (we will also talk about Corporations), as well as setting up sales items, inventory items, and sales taxes. In the afternoon, transactions will be made such as Debit card expenditures, credit card purchases, checks, Wire transfers, and bank transfers. We will also cover creating invoices for customers using items, receiving money from customers and entering the deposit in the QuickBooks bank account that you created in the morning on the Chart of Accounts.

There will be some simple reports run to show what transactions you have entered. We will also reconcile a credit card account once we have transactions in it.

Please bring a notebook with you to take notes!



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* The most practical and hands-on training to boost productivity and skill

* State-of-the-art curriculums refined by industry experts over nearly two decades

* Interactive, personable, and engaging instructors with several years of in-field and training experience

* Free Retakes for Life!®

* Small classroom sizes for personalized attention

* Custom in-depth manuals and mousepads with key shortcuts

* Convenient location and comfortable learning environment



  • QuickBooks Mac: 200+ page book

Course Outline

Getting Started
Starting QuickBooks
Overview of the homepage and menu system

Setting Up a Company
Creating a QuickBooks Company
Modifiying and Editing New Account in Charts of Accounts
Entering Account Opening Balances

Working with List
Entering Customers and Vendors
Inventory Items, Sales Tax Items and Service Items
Viewing the reminders list and the classifications list
Creating QuickReports from Vendors, Customers and Charts of Accounts

Working with Bank Accounts
Entering and Paying Bills
Writing Checks
Using Bank Account Registers
Transferring Funds Between Accounts

Invoicing and Processing Payments from Customers
Creating an Invoice
Receiving Payments for Invoices
Making Deposits
Using Sale Receipt

Understanding the Process of Reconciliation
Reconciling Bank Accounts

Additional Fundamentals
Backing up and restoring data Entering Opening Balances

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Client Testimonials
Paul is very friendly, dynamic, and adept at creating a hands on lesson. Thanks to him the class was, to be honest, much more fun than I thought that it would be. He even answered questions that pertained to my work tasks.- J.R. attended QuickBooks Level 1 for Mac
Paul is excellent. He definitely knows his stuff and clearly shows his enthusiasm for teaching QuickBooks! Can't wait for the advanced class!- S.S. attended QuickBooks Level 1 for Mac
Paul is one of the best teachers I have ever had! I walked in having no experience with QuickBooks and now walk out feeling more comfortable. Can't wait for the Advanced Class!- D.S. attended QuickBooks Level 1 for Mac