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QuickBooks Level 2 for PC


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QuickBooks Level 2 for PC

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This QuickBooks Level 2 class for the traditional PC Desktop software will not only cover such QuickBooks functions including running, customizing and memorizing reports, as well as memorizing individual transactions, batch invoicing customers, learning how to track your money spent that is earmarked as a reimbursement from your customer (AKA Job Costing). We will also customize a template (such as an invoice form) so that it can be used more for your specific purposes. Level 2 concentrates mostly on the higher level functionality, as not everyone needs to learn these functions for a small business.



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Class Perks


* The most practical and hands-on training to boost productivity and skill

* State-of-the-art curriculums refined by industry experts over nearly two decades

* Interactive, personable, and engaging instructors with several years of in-field and training experience

* Free Retakes for Life!®

* Small classroom sizes for personalized attention

* Custom in-depth manuals and mousepads with key shortcuts

* Convenient location and comfortable learning environment



  • QuickBooks Pro Level 2

Course Outline

Quick Review
A short review of QuickBooks Essentials Class

Running and Analyzing reports
Modifying and Memorizing Reports
Customizing and Filtering Reports
Exporting Reports to Microsoft Excel
Saving as PDF files

Customizing Forms
Modifying a QuickBooks Form
Downloading Template

Working with Credit Card Accounts
Entering a new CC Account
Entering transactions for CC Account
Reconciling CC account
Paying CC account

Bank Reconciliation
Reconciling Bank Accounts

Managing Inventory
Entering Products into Inventory
Ordering Products
Receiving and Paying for Inventory
Selling Your Product
Creating Product Invoices
Making Cash Sales for Services
Manually Adjusting Inventory

Estimating, Time Tracking, and Job Costing
Creating Job Estimates
Creating an Invoice from an Estimate
Updating the Job Status
Tracking Time

Entering Payroll
Outside Payroll Service
QuickBooks Payroll

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