Social media marketing plays a pivotal role in your business or brand's growth. When used effectively, social media can help businesses extend their reach and achieve maximum revenue.

In this one-day class, you learn how to build, target, and convert leads using the wildly popular and rapidly growing app, Instagram. Likewise, tap into LinkedIn, a B2B (business-to-business) goldmine and discover its endless possibilities. A top digital marketing expert guides you through both paid and organic marketing techniques, increasing brand awareness, fostering an organic following, and turning engagement into leads.

Social Media Marketing in a Day is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to extend their brand’s scope via Instagram and LinkedIn. Students interested in a more comprehensive course on Social Media Marketing, including an in-depth look at Facebook, please see our 2-day Social Media Marketing Bootcamp.

What You'll Learn

  • Determine the right social media platform for your goals
  • Develop a successful social media strategy
  • Create content that increases engagement and drives sales
  • Learn how to gain more followers and expand your reach
  • Learn how to advertise on various social platforms
  • The importance of social listening and using social media analytics to improve results

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