Our 120-hour Web Development Certificate is a New York State-licensed program that focuses on essential skills for web development and optimization. You’ll learn front- and back-end coding and walk away with the ability to design modern, responsive websites for your business and clients.

Learn Front-End Web Development

  • Comfortably code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Code Responsive Websites

  • Develop mobile, tablet, and desktop compatible webpages

Add Back-End Functionality

  • Create custom WordPress themes and code PHP and MySQL

To build the front end of websites, you’ll learn to code HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/jQuery. You’ll track code changes and collaborate with other developers using Git.  For the back end, you’ll learn to create custom WordPress themes and to code PHP and MySQL. For more information on topics covered in class, see syllabus below. 

The Web Design with WordPress & PHP Certificate includes

Web Development Level 1

In this web development course, you’ll learn how to develop websites with HTML and CSS, the languages used to create webpages.

Photoshop for Web Design & UI

In this course, you'll learn to use Photoshop to create and optimize graphics specifically for web and user interface design (without spending time on image retouching or color correction).

Web Development Level 2

Kick your CSS skills up a notch and learn how to code more complex layouts. In this CSS course, you’ll master the positioning of elements (relative, absolute, fixed), create multi-column layouts, and learn about newer CSS3 transitions, transformations, and animations.

JavaScript & jQuery

Give your websites a jolt of functionality and interactivity with JavaScript & jQuery. Learn to hide and show elements, customize animations, validate forms, and much more. 

Flexbox & Grid: CSS Layout Techniques

Learn how to use CSS Flexbox and Grid to create responsive web layouts that adjust to different screen sizes.

WordPress Custom Themes

This intensive course will teach you how to do a custom install of WordPress, modify existing themes, develop your own custom themes and install plugins. This course is designed for people who are already familiar with HTML and CSS. Knowledge of PHP is a plus but is not required to take this class.

PHP & MySQL Bootcamp

PHP & MySQL unlock the dynamic power of the web allowing you to create pages that interact with customers, collect and display information from a database, send emails, and more. Gain a fundamental understanding of those two building blocks of dynamic websites.

Git Going: An Intro to Git

Git is the most commonly used version control system. Git helps you track the change you make to your code. Collaboration is seamless; Git allows multiple developers to work together on the same files. Your profile on GitHub can even serve as a portfolio of your work.

Coding Tips & Tricks: Emmet, Sass, & Code Editors

Coding doesn't have to take a long time.  In this class, we'll help you shave hours off each project you create by using Emmet, Sass, and Sublime Text.

HTML Email

In this hands-on HTML Email class, you will learn how to code rich, graphics-based emails using HTML and CSS. Work with different layouts to create visually stunning email blasts and newsletters.