SQL (Structured Query Language) is the main programming language used by database management systems. In this article, we'll explore the top advantages developers gain by learning SQL, including

  • Increased marketability as a developer
  • Countless technological uses
  • Foundational knowledge for other languages
  • Secure future for SQL
  • Powerful features of SQL

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SQL (Structured Query Language) is the main programming language used by database management systems.

Some of the important statistics about SQL reveal just how widespread the language is:

If you plan on becoming or are currently a developer, learning SQL has the potential to be one of the most significant decisions you will ever make.

Companies also benefit from workers who are adequately trained in SQL because the language plays a pivotal role in numerous databases.

For business professionals who are considering learning SQL, there are countless advantages offered by mastering the language and this article will review just five of the most significant benefits that workers gain by learning SQL.

Advantage 1 - Learning SQL Increases Your Marketability as a Developer

People without training view SQL and other coding languages as too challenging to learn. As a result, many employers value workers who know SQL.

Even if an employer is not familiar with SQL, a worker can easily explain the importance of knowing the language because it plays a pivotal role in most database management.

As a result, by developing SQL skills, workers are often able to increase their desirability to employers. Some of the most common position that requires knowledge of SQL include:

  • Back-end developer. An individual in this role is responsible for managing the code that makes sure that web applications function correctly.
  • Database administrator. People in this position make certain that data is appropriately stored and managed.
  • Data analyst. Workers in this position are responsible for analyzing data for relevant trends so that other departments can operate more effectively.
  • Data Scientist. Similar to an analyst position, workers in the role are tasked with handling data in great amounts.

Advantage 2 - SQL Has Countless Technological Uses

SQL is the default code language for retrieving data from or interfacing with many databases. Two of the primary uses for SQL include the following:

  • Numerous types of databases including Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. These databases are used to support innumerable companies of various sizes.
  • SQL can also be found in other types of technology including iPhones and Androids.

With such widespread usage, developers who learn SQL are likely to remain in constant demand for decades to come.

Advantage 3 - Mastery of SQL Makes it Easy to Learn Other Languages

The skills that are learned in SQL can be translated into a number of different areas and form a solid understanding of many other types of programming languages. For example, many developers discover that learning SQL makes it much easier to learn other languages including C++, Javascript, and Python.

There are several reasons why SQL makes it so much easier for workers to learn other programming languages, which include the following:

  • SQL’s structure offers a straightforward framework for data analysis
  • SQL is flexible and can be optimized by developers to run any query
  • SQL language can be adapted and extended with new calculations

Advantage 4 - SQL has a Secure Future

Unlike many other programming languages, SQL has roots that extend back to the 1970’s and the language has remained popular since this time. While SQL has changed in some ways over the years, many parts of the language have remained the same. When you learn SQL, you are learning a program that is likely not to become extinct any time soon. Some of the reasons why SQL is expected to remain in use for some time include the following:

  • SQL has proven to be reliable for numerous industries in a variety of settings
  • SQL is both one of the easiest languages to learn and the most helpful
  • It is possible to adapt SQL language with only slight modifications
  • SQL is more efficient than writing lines of code on your own

Advantage 5 - SQL Has Powerful Features

Rather than rely on basic pre-built reports, SQL empowers users to do countless things with databases. Add to this that many people have an easier time learning SQL than most other database languages, and you have a language that not only gives you more control but is also easy to learn. Some of the skills that users can learn to perform with our SQL classes include the following:

  • How structural databases function and how to create one
  • How to perform SQL queries to obtain information
  • How to manage databases and how to set up databases for scalable growth
  • How to operate MySQL and other database management systems
  • How to interact with PHP and MySQL to achieve various database goals

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