Corporate & On-site Excel Training

Flexible Training & Custom Excel Courses

NYIM offers the leading Microsoft Excel corporate training programs in the New York Metro area, with extensive offerings for professionals of all experience levels regardless of industry or background. Whether you’re a finance manager or data analytics specialist, our corporate Excel courses will help you take your role to the next level.

  • Extensive Offerings: We offer Microsoft Excel courses from beginner to advanced, and specialist courses in VBA, PowerPivot, and Financial Modeling.
  • Custom Course Content: Our team of experts will craft a custom training plan in any Excel topic that you'd like your team to learn.
  • Flexible Training Solutions: Train your employees on-site, at our Manhattan location, or purchase vouchers for our regularly scheduled group classes.
  • Consultation: With each corporate training program, you will get a consultation with the instructor to perfect the lesson plan, at no additional charge.

Reach out today to to discuss how NYIM can create the perfect program for your team.

Custom Course Content

Our instructors can create a custom training plan suited to your needs. We can cater your training to learners of different abilities and skill levels, and employees with various job duties. We can also prepare your staff for Microsoft Excel Expert and Specialist certification exams.

Flexible Training Solutions

We conduct Microsoft Excel corporate training sessions anywhere in the United States. On-site corporate training in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Newark, Jersey City, & Long Island is included with your fee. You can also conduct the training at our location at 185 Madison Avenue, New York, for up to 16 attendees at no additional charge. Our team can also travel to company retreats, conferences, and meetings to conduct training anywhere in the USA.

Group Class Vouchers

Purchase group class vouchers for your team members and save time during the workday. Employees can attend our regularly scheduled classes offered weekdays, weeknights, and weekends. We provide volume-based discounts on our group class vouchers.


Upon initiating a training session, you’ll receive a complimentary call from our instructor to discuss how we can customize your Excel training. Our instructors will tailor your course training plan to your preferences at no additional cost to you. In addition to Excel, we can add training in data analytics using popular tools like SQL and Tableau.

Corporate Training in Excel, VBA, & Financial Modeling

Our beginner classes cover Excel fundamentals including calculations, data entry, charts, tables, and spreadsheet formatting. Intermediate Excel courses guide learners through mastery in Pivot Tables and advanced functions. Advanced Excel training automates workflow with macros and custom shortcuts.

Our three-day Excel intensive takes your employees from beginner to advanced. In addition to the beginner, intermediate, and advanced Excel classes, we also offer training in specific Excel functions, such as Pivot Tables and VBA. Finance professionals can take our finance Excel classes, and for Excel pros, we offer Fast as Hell at Excel to accelerate their workflow.

Extensive Offerings - Data Analytics Corporate Training

In addition to providing training in specific Excel courses and techniques, we can also demonstrate how you can turn data into actionable insights using Microsoft Excel. We can provide training on topics, such as analyzing sales trends and building financial models or cross-train in other software programs like SQL Server, MS Access, and Tableau.

Make better business decisions by training your team leaders and data managers to extract actionable insights from sales trends, marketing campaigns, customer feedback, website traffic and more. The examples below are just a few ways our team can help you determine where you’re missing out on information and craft a plan to bring your team up to speed.

  • Sales Trends- learn which geographical areas produce the most sales, which products are most popular, and demographics about your top customers.
  • Marketing Campaigns - Determine which social media channels are most effective, and which type of content generates the most engagement.
  • Customer Feedback - Quantify and code qualitative customer feedback to find important insights about your business and what customers want to see.
  • Website Traffic - Discover where your customer base is located, which times of day customers shop the most, and which pages get the most traffic.

Why Choose NYIM for On-site Excel Training?

For over two decades, NYIM has offered the top Excel classes and corporate training programs in New York City. We have refined our proven training model over the years to ensure a high retention rate for our students. Corporate professionals and managers return to us when they need to learn a new skill or refresh their understanding of the latest tools and techniques in Data Analytics.

Hands-On Training

In our Excel courses, corporate professionals learn by doing tasks similar to their core day-to-day duties. Your team members won’t learn by listening to long lectures or watching videos only. Our small classes and course structure require students to work through a series of activities with real-world business applications.

Custom Training Workbooks

Our custom training materials are developed by a team of expert Excel instructors. Each book contains definitions and step-by-step instructions of Excel’s most common features. The step-by-step instructions will help students recreate the exercises and reinforce the material after the course is complete.

Talented Educators with Professional Experience

Each instructor at NYIM is a talented professional with decades of real-world experience applying Excel skills in the corporate world, whether on Wall Street or a Fortune 500 company. Instead of hiring professional teachers or instructors, we employ talented corporate professionals with a knack for teaching. Our instructors are patient, engaging, and approachable— prepared to teach corporate professionals of all skill levels.

We look forward to working with you to develop your custom corporate training session in Microsoft Excel. Contact us at to discuss your needs.