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Since 1998, NYIM Training has offered results-oriented business courses and corporate training in New York. Discover our industry-leading courses and certifications in data analytics, project management, office productivity, and financial modeling.

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I can honestly say I learned more useful modeling and excel skills from the Financial Modeling Bootcamp then I have through one and a half years of business school. The course effectively conveys key finance, corporate finance, and financial accounting concepts while also offering students the opportunity to build real financial models with real-time data. The 7:1 student to teacher ratio along with the experience and modeling expertise of Mourad offers a unique opportunity for a personalized learning experience. Whether you are a student looking to pursue a career in finance or a current professional simply looking to brush up on your Excel skills, I would highly recommend this course.

Noam L. attended Financial Modeling Bootcamp

We hired NYIM training to provide Microsoft Excel training for UJA staff and it was the best technical training I have seen. Mourad Kattan is an outstanding facilitator and he packed the session with useful information and tips for everyone who was in the room. Also, additional video provided after the session helped to solidify the learning and review everything independently. Looking forward to bringing NYIM to UJA again in the near future!

Yelena K. attended Excel for Business Bootcamp

The overall experience was great. I feel the instructor was well educated on the tools I needed in order to succeed in my current role. I would rate the preparation, use of time, knowledge of material and general kindness as one of the best training classes/sessions that I have ever attended. I have and will continue to recommend the folks at NYIM to others.

K. Burton of Microsoft attended Advanced Excel for Business

NYIM does incredible work! I did the 3-day Excel Bootcamp & it was amazing! Pooja, Tom & Garfield were incredibly knowledgeable & excellent teachers. They explained everything in an incredibly clear & concise manner. I would HIGHLY recommend NYIM/Career Centers for anyone looking for Excel training, or any other training that they have to offer!

Jonathan S. attended Excel for Business Bootcamp

Took the two day Financial Modeling Bootcamp. Extremely informative and useful. Smaller class size allows for one on one help and enables you to really understand the material you are working through. Additionally you build out a model on an actual company during the course, allowing you to perform the same kind of analysis you would use in a real office setting, as opposed to looking at generic accounting problems. Office itself is very nice, and the professors are extremely well informed. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking to develop, sharpen, or reestablish their financial modeling skills.

Robert F. attended Financial Modeling Bootcamp

I recently took the QuickBooks Online version in person. Classes are small so you get real personal experience for asking a question and getting a response from the instructor. They provide a PC. My instructor's name was Paul, I thought he was wonderful! Besides having full knowledge of the QBO course, he himself is a Bookkeeper with extensive general accounting & tax knowledge! I really enjoyed the course with him. The course is 7 hours 10 am - 5:00 pm with an hour for lunch & 2 - 15-minute breaks. Believe me, it goes fast! Not sure if it was just that day I was there but they had bagels, toppings, and coffee for breakfast and put out snacks during the breaks which was a nice touch! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to a friend and when I am ready to take another course, I wouldn't have to search for another institution.

Antonietta P. attended QuickBooks Online Level I

Exceeded my expectations in all aspects: course was well thought out, materials were presented clearly and engagingly, and Scott made sure at every step that he‘d brought everyone along with him. He was truly excellent, a superb teacher. Needless to say, I‘d gladly take another class with him.

Jonathan M. attended PowerPoint for Business

SQL Level 1 is a great course to introduce you to writing SQL queries. Starting with the basics, by the end you will understand complex queries with inner or outer joins. Peter was our instructor and his customized course material is very well laid out with practical examples. You work on a local sample database, so you can type notes and test your queries to better understand the output you get. The facility is neat, the equipment is fairly new and ready to use, and beverages are provided.

Martie B. attended SQL Level I

I took a SQL level 1 class on a Saturday and it was soo helpful. The instructor was humorous, extremely knowledgeable, and was an efficient communicator. He knew exactly how SQL was utilized in a real-world business aspect and was able to give examples of times you'd need to use certain queries and how they can be used most effectively.

Eric B. attended SQL Level I

Eugenio was an experienced hands on instructor. He taught us all the fundamentals of Photoshop in precise and organized lessons. The class was small and personal and it was a nice professional environment. Eugenio even gave us his contact information for any questions we may have in the future along with his YouTube channel where he uploads clear step-by-step videos. A very worthwhile opportunity.

Teri F. attended Photoshop Private Training

The training I took was INCREDIBLY helpful. I took Intermediate Excel for Business online with Garfield as the instructor. The material covered in the course was uncannily relegated to my business on a day to day basis. I could not speak highly enough of Garfield as an instructor. He effectively explained all material by walking us through each step and using helpful analogies for us to have a stronger understanding of when you would use each tool. As an online course, he made sure everyone was engaged and was patient yet timely to reexplain something if people had questions. Garfield was kind enough to make himself available for me after the course as I was struggling with a challenging and important excel file I was working on. He let me share my screen with him and explain what I needed help with. His help with this file and the tools I gained from his instruction very likely are the reason I saved my job. Thank you NYIM and Garfield. If you are looking to increase your excel skills THIS is the company you should invest your time in.

Erika R. attended Intermediate Excel for Business

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