Client Testimonials

I took NYIM’s Quickbooks Online Level 2 class recently. I walked away with an undoubtedly more in-depth knowledge of Quickbooks (as well as good bookkeeping practice in general) than I had for the previous 3+ years of QBO use. Paul puts everything in an easy to understand, big-picture kind of way and does so in an entertaining, friendly environment. I definitely recommend this to anyone who has to upgrade their business bookkeeping/accounting systems and wants a more personalized, expert education on how to do so (with knowledge of the current tax codes, too). A winner in my opinion.- Alison R. attended QuickBooks Online Level 2
Eugenio was an experienced hands on instructor. He taught us all the fundamentals of Photoshop in precise and organized lessons. The class was small and personal and it was a nice professional environment. Eugenio even gave us his contact information for any questions we may have in the future along with his YouTube channel where he uploads clear step-by-step videos. A very worthwhile opportunity.- Teri F. attended Photoshop Essentials
I took a SQL level 1 class on a Saturday and it was soo helpful. The instructor was humorous, extremely knowledgeable, and was an efficient communicator. He knew exactly how SQL was utilized in a real-world business aspect and was able to give examples of times you'd need to use certain queries and how they can be used most effectively.- Eric B. attended SQL Level 1
Exceeded my expectations in all aspects: course was well thought out, materials were presented clearly and engagingly, and Scott made sure at every step that he‘d brought everyone along with him. He was truly excellent, a superb teacher. Needless to say, I‘d gladly take another class with him.- Jonathan M. attended PowerPoint for Business
The overall experience was great. I feel the instructor was well educated on the tools I needed in order to succeed in my current role. I would rate the preparation, use of time, knowledge of material and general kindness as one of the best training classes/sessions that I have ever attended. I have and will continue to recommend the folks at NYIM to others.- K. Burton of Microsoft Corp. attended Advanced Excel for Business Level 2
We hired NYIM training to provide Microsoft Excel training for UJA staff and it was the best technical training I have seen. Mourad Kattan is an outstanding facilitator and he packed the session with useful information and tips for everyone who was in the room. Also, additional video provided after the session helped to solidify the learning and review everything independently. Looking forward to bringing NYIM to UJA again in the near future!- Yelena K. attended Excel for Business Bootcamp
I have taken two Excel classes at NYIM and they were both fantastic. Garfield is a really skilled teacher and I learned so much! I plan on taking more classes when I can. Highly recommend these classes!- Sandhya B. attended Intermediate Excel for Business
Scott provided great content and happily answered questions from the group throughout our session. The small group environment was perfect for understanding the depth and breadth of Wordpress and how to create websites. The fact we actually created a website during the day was awesome.- Nicole T. attended How to create a Dynamic Website or Blog with WordPress
It was a great experience taking this Wordpress course. It was very informative and the instructor was very patient with both tech on non-tech savvy students. The course gives you great groundwork to build your own website and/or blog, I highly recommend it.- Dianna C. attended How to create a Dynamic Website or Blog with WordPress
I attended Microsoft Word Levels 1 & 2 with Mike Green as the instructor. He is a very friendly and knowledgeable person and answered all questions promptly and completely to my satisfaction. Without any reservation I will recommend his services to anyone.- Hardial S. attended Microsoft Word Level I
Mike Green was an absolutely wonderful teacher who is obviously an expert in both Microsoft word and excel. He was able to explain difficult concepts in an understandable manner and gave me a real confidence boost in only a day's worth of teaching instruction. I recommend Mr. Green to any pupil who wants to learn either complicated or simple Microsoft concepts quickly and in a relaxed atmosphere.- Mark M. attended Microsoft Word Level I
I enrolled in the 2 day InDesign training. Eugenio was my instructor, he is very knowledgeable of the Adobe suite. His teaching style is to have you learn through using the program, he is clear and thorough and takes time to answer questions outside of the curriculum. The class size was small so each person was given person attention. Eugenio taught us some fun tricks as well as professional skills to work smart and efficiently. I researched a number of other training centers before signing up with NYIM, I am very happy with my choice and will enroll in other courses. I would definitely recommend NYIM Training to anyone wanting to enroll. - Cara D. attended InDesign Essentials
I took a two-day Adobe Illustrator course here and found it well worth my time. Eugenio was the instructor and covered everything I was looking for, and more. The class was small, so he made extra effort to make sure our individual needs were met. His teaching style is mostly hands-on, and very quick, which I find to be helpful in courses like this, where there's a ton to learn and you really just need an overview. He had many examples to test out the tools in real time, printed takeaway material, and his contact information for questions later. If you're looking for a beginner to intermediate course on Illustrator, I'd definitely recommend NYIM, especially with Eugenio. Bring ideas and questions if you want more personalized help - there's time allotted for this.- John K. attended Illustrator Essentials
I'm enrolled in the Excel for Business three part series of courses. The first course was informative and very helpful! Everything is very easy to understand and the instructor works with students to make sure they are following the main concepts. The first class is a general overview of shortcuts, basic formulas, and the most useful concepts of Excel that are most applicable to the world of business and general office management. This is an all-day class and yes there is a lot of information thrown at you, but even someone with no Excel experience should not find this hard to grasp because of how it is organized.- Ryan B. attended Excel Specialist Certification Bundle
Just came out of my Excel Business training at NYIM. Garfield, the instructor, is really nice and very helpful. They are very professional and they provide all the necessary tools for the students to acquire all the info they need, and, in case you want to refresh your memory you can always retake the course for free within 6 months. Cool, huh?- Dana D. attended Excel for Business Fundamentals
Overall great experience in taking the Intermediate Excel Class today! Content was well organized and had appropriate progression from easy to more complex examples. Garfield, our instructor, was very knowledgabe, patient, and thorough. He also had a great sense of humor and kept the class interesting, time really flew by! I will be back to take the Advanced class and also the VBA.- Patrick M. attended Intermediate Excel for Business
Took an InDesign class with Eugenio and he was great! We learned so much in only two days. He is very patient and clearly has experience. I definitely recommend him.- Mimi F. attended InDesign Essentials
Yesterday I took an all day PowerPoint class with Scott. He is a fabulous trainer. I now have an excellent understanding of PP. A booklet is given to each student that reviews all the lessons from the class. This is a tremendous help when you return to your own computer and start to work in this program. Thank you Scott and NYIM Training.- Barbara C. attended PowerPoint for Business
I took a Microsoft Access class with Garfield. He was a great teacher and I learned an incredible amount in just 2 days. I was also given a packet that summarizes everything that was taught, which will be very helpful when I transfer the training to my job. I would highly recommend taking this class!- Adam F. attended Microsoft Access Bootcamp
Eugenio was fabulous, he answered all of our questions and helped us get familiar with InDesign pretty quickly. We created tri-fold brochures, flyers, and even a 16-page magazine. Some of the sizing and spacing was a little tricky, but other than that the program is a breeze and fun to use. Great class!- Nicole D. attended InDesign Essentials