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NYIM offers comprehensive QuickBooks classes, from beginner to advanced, for both the QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online versions. Learn QuickBooks fundamentals, as well as accounting and bookkeeping essentials, in our hands-on QuickBooks courses.

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Drive team performance and efficiency with NYIM's industry-leading training. Send employees to our group classes in NYC or create a custom training program onsite.

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I took NYIM’s Quickbooks Online Level 2 class recently. I walked away with an undoubtedly more in-depth knowledge of Quickbooks (as well as good bookkeeping practice in general) than I had for the previous 3+ years of QBO use. Paul puts everything in an easy to understand, big-picture kind of way and does so in an entertaining, friendly environment. I definitely recommend this to anyone who has to upgrade their business bookkeeping/accounting systems and wants a more personalized, expert education on how to do so (with knowledge of the current tax codes, too). A winner in my opinion.

attended QuickBooks Online Level II

I recently took the QuickBooks Online version in person. Classes are small so you get real personal experience for asking a question and getting a response from the instructor. They provide a PC. My instructor's name was Paul, I thought he was wonderful! Besides having full knowledge of the QBO course, he himself is a Bookkeeper with extensive general accounting & tax knowledge! I really enjoyed the course with him. The course is 7 hours 10 am - 5:00 pm with an hour for lunch & 2 - 15-minute breaks. Believe me, it goes fast! Not sure if it was just that day I was there but they had bagels, toppings, and coffee for breakfast and put out snacks during the breaks which was a nice touch! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to a friend and when I am ready to take another course, I wouldn't have to search for another institution.

attended QuickBooks Online Level I

In case your are looking to break in to the field, you should take this class with Paul.

attended QuickBooks Online Level II

The only place to receive comprehensive in-person QuickBooks Online training. I prefer a classroom setting to watching videos and am so glad this was offered.

attended QuickBooks Online Level I

Paul is an excellent instructor: he was patient with all of our specific questions (he even skipped his lunch break to do so.) He is clearly knowledgeable on the topic, provided clear explanations, and the course pacing was great. Highly recommend!

attended QuickBooks Online Level I

Save valuable time setting up the financial part of your business and take QuickBooks class. Do it right!!

attended QuickBooks Level I

Paul is very friendly, dynamic, and adept at creating a hands on lesson. Thanks to him the class was, to be honest, much more fun than I thought that it would be. He even answered questions that pertained to my work tasks.

attended QuickBooks Level 1 for Mac

Paul was able to pace the instructions so that I could really get a handle on the essence of what QuickBooks is all about. He also was very practical in his approach so that I could adapt it to my needs at our agency.

attended QuickBooks Level I

I loved Paul! He was great, very friendly, very clear, dealt exactly with issues that would face my company. Between Arlene (client manager) and Paul, working with NYIM, as been amazing. Arlene was always quick to answer my emails and questions, and Paul was exactly what we needed. Being a small business owner I really appreciate good service.

attended QuickBooks Level I

The instructor was phenomenal! He tailored the class to the student's needs and was very receptive to questions asked during class.

attended QuickBooks Level I

Paul was great, knowledgeable and very approachable. He kept everyone up to speed without rushing or boring anyone. He really knows QuickBooks inside out and shows alot of shortcuts too! Thanks!

attended QuickBooks Level I

Paul is a wonderful instructor. He took the time to answer all my questions and tied many real life experiences to the lessons.

attended QuickBooks Level II for Mac

Paul is a great teacher. You can tell he enjoys what he does by the way he teaches. He is very thorough and takes his time to help everyone and answer their questions.

attended QuickBooks Level I

I have never taken the time to write a Yelp review, but I just had to this time because I had such a great experience taking the QuickBooks 2015 Level 1 PC class with Paul! I took another level 1 class a year ago and felt like I didn't come away with knowledge that was useful to me (I work at a law firm and the class was structured for a sales business) and Paul was great at addressing questions I had related to my specific needs. Also, he is clearly a passionate teacher and it was infectious! I am a writer/performer by night and a bookkeeper to pay the bills, so I am not someone who thought I could ever be engaged in this kind of work, but Paul made the subject accessible and easy to understand. I somehow wasn't bored and I left the class feeling that I can use the system with confidence!

attended QuickBooks Level I

I took QuickBooks Level 1 for PC class with Paul. He is a wonderful instructor, very knowledgeable, patient and kind. He was very detailed and also gave great tips in bookkeeping. I enjoyed his class very much and will definitely take level 2.

attended QuickBooks Level I

Very nice guy, Paul makes it very easy to learn without being too slow or too boring. I now feel that i have all the tools for my work as a CPA. Thanks Paul!

attended QuickBooks for Accountants and CPAs

Paul is one of the best teachers I have ever had! I walked in having no experience with QuickBooks and now walk out feeling more comfortable. Can't wait for the Advanced Class!

attended QuickBooks Level 1 for Mac

Paul is terrific, very informative, well paced, and well knowledgeable in this field. He has a great love and interest for it and in teaching the subject.

attended QuickBooks Level I

I had a really useful and information-packed Quickbooks Online training session with Paul. He is very knowledgeable and engaging. I highly recommend his courses.

attended QuickBooks Online Level I

Paul is very articulate. Cares that we understand. Listens to what we do need to know, and what we don't and modifies what he teaches accordingly. Makes himself available by email.

attended QuickBooks 4 Week Comprehensive Course

Paul was able to pace the instructions so that I could really get a handle on the essence of what QuickBooks is all about. He also was very practical in his approach so that I could adapt it to my needs at our agency.

attended QuickBooks Level I

Paul was great. He was gregarious, highly intelligent, concise, patient and informative. I now feel like i know QuickBooks inside and out. The real life examples were definitely helpful. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to master QuickBooks.

attended QuickBooks 4 Week Comprehensive Course

This QuickBooks class was quite informative. I didn't have any knowledge of it and the instructor made it easy to understand. I plan on taking the advanced class soon and would recommend this class to everyone!

attended QuickBooks Level I

Paul is excellent. He definitely knows his stuff and clearly shows his enthusiasm for teaching QuickBooks! Can't wait for the advanced class!

attended QuickBooks Level 1 for Mac

The class was kept small which allowed for easy discussions. Paul was a patient and excellent instructor. If he didn't know the answer he would find out during lunch. He brought up the main questions you need answered before one is to begin with Quickbooks efficiently. Paul showed the correct way and the incorrect way of establishing a business within Quickbooks. I look forward to my Level II classes with Paul.

attended QuickBooks Online Level I

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Learn more about our QuickBooks classes

Our QuickBooks classes will not only cover many QuickBooks functions that most people use on a daily basis, but will also include some accounting basics, bookkeeping basics, and tax essentials. What’s the point of learning QuickBooks unless the financials are accurate and are in the right category? Paul R. has been in the accounting field for 20 years, and puts the bookkeeping and accounting skills together with QuickBooks skills in engaging courses.

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QuickBooks Training Benefits

100+ 5-Star Reviews on Yelp: Best QuickBooks Classes NYC

What You'll Learn in our QuickBooks Classes

QuickBooks Training Resources

4 Benefits Gained from Enrolling in QuickBooks Classes

Bookkeepers once recorded details in large ledgers and relied little on automation when it came to finances, but that has all changed. Today, most companies rely on financial management software to handle all aspects of finances. By far, the most popular accounting software available today is QuickBooks.

A glance at some statistics show just how popular QuickBooks is:

The reason behind QuickBooks’ success is that the program offers distinct advantages over other types of financial management software. As a result, many workers realize that it is in their best interest to master QuickBooks by enrolling in training classes. This article reviews a handful of the most popular benefits that workers can realize through learning QuickBooks skills.

# 1 - Workers Become More Desirable to Employers

Companies can operate more efficiently through QuickBooks. As a result, workers who learn QuickBooks become more attractive to employers. Some of the reasons why QuickBooks makes companies more efficient include the following:

  • QuickBooks allows many tasks to be performed automatically, which makes it easier for companies to focus on other important things.
  • Companies that manage accounts through QuickBooks save money because the software makes it possible to run large companies on several hundred dollars rather than the expenses required to monitor these finances manually.
  • QuickBooks allows companies to share data between the software and many other business applications including Microsoft Outlook and Word.

Due to these reasons, companies place a high value on workers who have been trained in QuickBooks. One of the best ways to increase your marketability to an employer is to gain a sufficient understanding of the basic and advanced features of the program.

# 2 - Workers Gain Job Security by Learning QuickBooks

There are a number of ways in which learning QuickBooks enables companies to grow and flourish. As a result, workers who master QuickBooks are more likely to be an essential part of a company’s operations leading to job security.

Some of how QuickBooks helps companies operate more efficiently include the following:

  • Companies are paid faster with QuickBooks because customers can pay through bank accounts and credit cards, which means that companies are no longer required to wait on checks.
  • Through the use of QuickBooks, companies can pay bills as well as bank online, which saves effort and makes business operation more efficient.
  • QuickBooks helps companies design business plans to use when securing small business loans or lines of credit.

Workers who manage QuickBooks for companies are providing an efficient and effective way of handling financial details that is not available elsewhere, which means that these workers frequently become invaluable to companies.

# 3 - QuickBooks Has a Variety of Features

QuickBooks has a number of uses, which means that workers who are skilled in the program often have an easy time making contributions to companies.

Some of the various uses of QuickBooks include the following:

  • Accepting online payments from customers more easily
  • Automatically entering regular transactions
  • Creating and sending invoices to customers
  • Establishing invoices and statements to be emailed
  • Following trends in data that are important to your business
  • Keeping accounts payable and bills up to date
  • Making sure that questions for accounts are kept ordered
  • Managing cash flow at businesses
  • Online banking through QuickBooks accounts
  • Processing payroll more effectively
  • Printing checks to increase efficiency
  • Tracking employee hourly and weekly schedules

# 4 - Learning QuickBooks Turns Workers into Problem Solvers

Workers who become skilled at QuickBooks often discover that are ultimately able to ask and receive higher salaries. This is because workers who learn QuickBooks gain the ability to solve a number of problems faced by small businesses. Some of the problems that Quickbook users can solve include the following:

  • Companies that try to do too much. Many businesses run into difficulty in juggling the numerous tasks involved with operating a company. By investing in QuickBooks software and hiring someone trained to use the software, companies are often able to delegate the numerous areas involved with expenses, payroll, profit, and various other financial details.
  • Companies that don’t have enough time. In trying to juggle the many aspects of daily business operation, many companies discover that they end up spending significant amounts of energy on things that are not directly related to making money like accounting. Skilled QuickBooks users can help these companies increase the amount of time that they need to focus on money making activities. With more profits, workers are often awarded with higher salaries.
  • Companies experiencing limited growth. By losing time to financial details, many companies experience challenges in continued growth and expansion. Users with QuickBooks experience can help companies reach their potential by offering more efficient ways to perform a variety of tasks, which often leads to increased salary for the worker responsible for using QuickBooks.
  • Some companies are not technologically up to date. It is very common for small businesses to fall out of touch with the most recent changes involved with technology automation. A user who has a firm grasp of QuickBooks is able to make it much easier for customers to pay online and can also introduce numerous other automated features that help companies stay competitive. As the controlling force behind these technological changes, companies often reward Quickbook users with higher salaries.

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The benefits mentioned above are just some of the advantages that can be realized by enrolling in one of our QuickBooks classes.

Read through our list of QuickBooks classes today to find out which of our courses would most benefit you.

We also offer a variety of other business classes which might prove helpful to workers who are new to the workforce and looking to add attractive elements to their resume as well more experienced workers who want to gain a leg up on the competition.