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Learn Data Visualization in Tableau

Tableau is the leading data visualization software for creating maps, charts, graphs, and other representations of data that are informative and aesthetically pleasing. Master this program with a hands-on bootcamp in NYC or create a custom corporate training program for your employees.

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Drive team performance and efficiency with NYIM's industry-leading training. Send employees to our group classes in NYC or create a custom training program onsite.

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I feel fully confident using Tableau in my job now after just one day. This class was thorough and helpful without being overwhelming.

attended Tableau Level I

Professional instructor who is patient, I really enjoyed the course and have learned a lot. The structure of the course is well designed and he managed the time perfectly.

attended Tableau Level II

Tableau Intro Class was very helpful and informative, info explained simply

attended Tableau Level I

Went from having NEVER used Tableau to feeling like I have the ability to create a bunch of different fun visualizations, all in one day. That's pretty cool.

attended Tableau Level I

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Upcoming Tableau Courses

Attend our Tableau classes in our New York City location, or request onsite training for your team.

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Hands-on Tableau Courses NYC

Well-known as the industry standard for creating all kinds of charts, Tableau is a fully featured software that allows you to create complex data visualizations: from maps, charts, graphs, and other colorful representations of data that are informative and aesthetically pleasing. Tableau is a powerful tool, giving you full control of the look and feel of your visualizations, and compile your charts in the form of stories and dashboards.

Tableau Public is a powerful software offering a great set of tools to analyze, manipulate, sort and even filter your data, allowing you to create a wide variety of visualization. All these tools will allow you to fully explore your data and create visuals and dashboards that make it easy to see the story that is missed by lengthy spreadsheets and reports.

Although complex in the possibilities Tableau offers, Tableau Public doesn’t require special skills or training in data analysis. However, familiarity with data and the ability to understand how a dataset is constructed is recommended to make full use of the software.

Tableau is not industry-specific and has over 50,000 customers around the world in a variety of industries including finance, education, and healthcare. It is well suited for teams working on financial data, as well as government and non-government related data.

What is Data Visualization?

Data visualization is the art and science of creating illustrations, infographics, charts, tables, and maps with data. Although Data Visualization has been around for centuries, the complexity of data these days and need to continuously understand the data we gather has led to the development of many tools, with Tableau leading the way. While Google Analytics, for instance, is specifically used for web traffic data, Tableau is not industry-specific, it’s abilities to manipulate data to create Data Visualizations are quite powerful and meet the needs of most users.

What will you learn in these Tableau courses?

At NYIM, we teach Tableau Public, the free version of Tableau Desktop which you can download from the Tableau website.

Users new to Tableau can take advantage of two Tableau training courses at NYIM, which runs both for in a one-day 6-hour training. 

In Tableau Level I, students are introduced to the field of data visualization and the various tools Tableau Public offers. Through concepts and exercises, Students will learn to identify datasets to connect to, explore, analyze, filter and structure their data to create their desired Visualizations.

In Tableau Level II, students will take a deep dive into more complex data visualizations tools and possibilities offered in Tableau. Students will, for instance, explore Map data visualizations, create custom charts like Alluvial diagrams and ranking charts, and further manipulate raw data with Tableau complex tools. Tableau Level II consists of fewer yet longer targeted exercises that require more analysis skills. These exercises will take more time to complete than the activities in Level I and will present trainees the opportunity to further their knowledge of the software.

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