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NYIM Training offers numerous Adobe Photoshop training classes in NYC, from beginner to advanced retouching skills, Photoshop techniques specifically for the web, and preparation for the Photoshop Certified Associate exam.

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Small Group Photoshop Classes

Our Adobe Photoshop Courses courses are instructor-led in our Manhattan classrooms or live online (virtual learning).

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Drive team performance and efficiency with NYIM’s industry-leading training. Send employees to our group classes or create a custom training program onsite.

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Highly Reviewed by Our Alumni

From our hands-on training style to world-class instructors and proprietary curriculum, we deliver a learning experience our alumni can be proud of.

Our Adobe Photoshop Courses are rated 5.0 stars

in the past 24 months

Eugene was excellent, very informative, very helpful. I took the beginners class and this one surpassed everything i have learned before. Eugene is very knowledgeable and willing to sit down with everyone and show the best practices and methods for your industry.


He was great, talked slowly, positive attitude!


Eugene is a very good teacher and a genuinely nice guy. His enthusiasm to teach Photoshop made this class great. He took the time to discuss things with everyone and would recommend courses for everyone depending on their goals. This Web Design Class was by far the best class I have taken. Thank you to NYIM and Eugene.


Scott is a very good communicator on going over the items on Photoshop


It was like a very condensed tin of soup - and thick in content, its full benefit is only revealed when you take time afterwards to dilute what you heard by practice, practice, practice. Like all food it has a use-by date, but I have never felt so inclined to put time aside as after this course. To continue the food analogy, it was a healthy and sustaining meal and chef Eugene deserves 5 stars and an accolade.


I enjoyed the Photoshop class with Scott. He was very helpful and full of tips for questions. I would definitely recommend the class!

Caitlin S.

Eugene is wonderful! The pace was perfect and he is very enthusiastic and patient. This is the perfect class for anyone who is a novice or wants to learn the basics.

pemari a.

Just finished a Photoshop course taught by Eugenio. Wow. He is one of the best teachers I've ever had. Although clearly a world-class expert, he was so wonderful with the class of beginners. He was totally aware that most of us knew nothing about Photoshop, and therefore was extremely patient and helpful with any questions or problems we had. He explained everything slowly and completely, and then was very happy to go over any aspect we didn't comprehend until we got it. At the end of the class, he showed us several sites and tutorials to go over material, as well as giving each of us his personal contact information should we have future questions. Eugenio was an exceptional teacher, and I would take another class from him anytime.

Stacey B.

Eugene was a really great teacher. He covered a lot of ground. He was very patient and thorough,especially with questions. He explained large, varied and complex material in an understandable way. Very nice guy.


I recently took Photoshop Essentials and the instructor Eugene was incredibly knowledgeable, patient and passionate about the program and enthused the students. I would definitely recommend this instructor and class to others.


Eugene was very helpful, stopped when anyone needed help, and checked to make sure we were all on the same page. He acknowledged when we did a good job. Very good instructor. Will definitely take additional classes with him again!!!


Eugene was great! Knowledgeable, professional and concise. A great trainer who has a gift for relevant imparting techniques, tips and correlating personal experience to the learning material. Passionate about this class. Thank you.


Eugene was an excellent instructor. Very thorough, very clear, and very attentive to the students if they ran into any problems. I found him very easy to follow, and feel like I learned a lot of material.


Eugenio, just wanted to thank you for helping me out today with the InDesign, it went really well and I appreciate your patience. I feel much more comfortable going forward. Thanks so much!


Advanced Indesign - Great Class! Great Teacher! Very personal and attentive to every question you may have no matter your skill set.

James M.

Eugene was very helpful and thorough. He took his time in explaining different parts in detail and answering all questions in a very comprehensible manner.


Great teacher, great course, a lot of helpful info I will use in my job!

Daniel C.

Eugene has to be one of the best and coolest instructors I've had in years. Very patient and moved at a great pace. He made this class a true learning experience.


I have never learned so much in a short amount of time. Eugene taught w/ the highest professionalism ever. I will sign up for his Advanced Photoshop courses through NYIM from now on!


This experience was a great one. I learned everything I was hoping to and then some and this was the Advanced class! Eugene applies the class to our backgrounds and throws in extra tips for us. Great teacher! Very professional!


Took advanced indesign class with Eugenio and he was awesome! I highly recommend him as an instructor.

Ari B.

I thought the class was wonderful and extremely informative. I would definitely train at NYIM again. Eugene was great! Overall, excellent experience....great class...great professor...very successful! Thanks so much. I really did enjoy the day!


Eugenio was an experienced hands on instructor. He taught us all the fundamentals of Photoshop in precise and organized lessons. The class was small and personal and it was a nice professional environment. Eugenio even gave us his contact information for any questions we may have in the future along with his YouTube channel where he uploads clear step-by-step videos. A very worthwhile opportunity.

Teri F.

Eugene is a great instructor!


Took Photoshop class with Eugenio, he was extremely patient with so many questions asked by the audience. He let us have some fun while learning. Overall great experience.

Anne G.

Upcoming Photoshop Classes in NYC

All times are listed in Eastern Time unless otherwise specified.

May 2024
May 28–30
Tuesday to Thursday 10–5pm
18 Hours
NYC or Live Online

Go from novice to virtuoso in just three days as an industry expert leads you through hands-on lessons in Photoshop. Learn the fundamentals of retouching, color correcting, and enhancing images for both digital and print.

June 2024
June 23–July 14
Sundays 10–5pm
18 Hours
NYC or Live Online

Go from novice to virtuoso in just three days as an industry expert leads you through hands-on lessons in Photoshop. Learn the fundamentals of retouching, color correcting, and enhancing images for both digital and print.

June 24–26
Monday to Wednesday 10–5pm
18 Hours
NYC or Live Online

Go from novice to virtuoso in just three days as an industry expert leads you through hands-on lessons in Photoshop. Learn the fundamentals of retouching, color correcting, and enhancing images for both digital and print.

June 24
Monday 10–5pm
6 Hours
NYC or Live Online

Enhance and edit images for print and web in this one-day Photoshop course. In just six hours, students learn how to replace backgrounds, retouch photos, color correct, and more.

August 2024
August 6–22
Tuesdays & Thursdays 6–9pm
18 Hours
NYC or Live Online

Go from novice to virtuoso in just three days as an industry expert leads you through hands-on lessons in Photoshop. Learn the fundamentals of retouching, color correcting, and enhancing images for both digital and print.

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Learn more about Photoshop & our classes

Created to edit photos, Adobe Photoshop has become the go-to program for many graphic design tasks. As the world has shifted from print to digital, many people have begun to use Photoshop for tasks beyond editing photos. Photoshop is the most popular of Adobe’s programs and a must-have that every graphic designer should learn how to use.

What Does Photoshop Do?

Before learning Photoshop, it’s helpful to know a few essential details about what the program can do. First, Photoshop was designed to edit photos. If you want to remove a blemish, change colors, or alter a photo in any way, Photoshop is your best choice. Photoshop is a raster program, meaning that the images are represented by millions of dots of color called pixels. Television and computers also use raster graphics, which is why Photoshop works well for images with special effects.

Here’s What Adobe Photoshop Is Useful For:

  • Editing Photos - As the name suggests, Photoshop is best used for editing photos. Adding filters, colors, and special effects are Photoshop’s greatest strengths.
  • Effects, Video Graphics, and Web Banners - To create a GIF or other type of animated photo or for images that will be used on the web, Photoshop is the best program. This also includes web banners that have special effects.
  • User Interface Design - Photoshop’s special effects work well for designing an app prototype that will have interactive features. You can export UI files from Photoshop into InVision app to turn them into an interactive prototype.

Should I Learn Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign?

Though Photoshop is a powerful program, there are some cases where another Adobe program might be a better fit. Photoshop is typically used to edit images and artwork with layers, color, animation, or interactivity. If you plan to make additional changes to the photo, resize it, or use it in various sizes, it may be a better idea to use a companion Adobe product.

The following tasks are best suited to Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign.

  • Logos - Logos are used in business cards, brochures, on websites and other brand identity products from pens to t-shirts. It’s best to design logos in vector format, which allows the design to stretch and be resized without distorting its appearance.
  • Text-heavy designs - Photoshop has limited ability to set text. If you’re designing a presentation or business card with mostly text, it’s best to use a program with text-specific tools.
  • Artwork - If you would like to design graphic art to be used on the web and in print in a variety of sizes, it’s best to use a vector-based program. Photoshop’s pixel format is not well-suited for resizable artwork.

What Skills Will I Learn in Photoshop?

If you’re a graphic designer that plans to work with images or retouch photos, there are a variety of helpful skills that you will learn in a Photoshop course, including the following:

  • Learn to manage photos and digital assets with Adobe Bridge
  • Straighten and crop images
  • Adjust and replace the colors in images
  • Adjust lightness
  • Repair images
  • Apply masks and filters to images
  • Rearrange layers
  • Flatten and compress image files
  • Work with masks and channels
  • Rearrange and apply gradients to layers
  • Automate frequent tasks

Remember, Adobe programs were designed to be used together. If you plan to take Photoshop courses, consider taking Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign to learn all the skills you will need for graphic design.​​

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