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Hands-on AutoCAD Courses & Corporate Training

AutoCAD is the leading software product for 2-and 3-dimensional design and drafting used by architects, engineers, and graphic designers and other professionals. Learn basic 2D drawing through advanced 3D modeling in NYC's best AutoCAD classes.

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AutoCAD Corporate Training

Drive team performance and efficiency with NYIM's industry-leading training. Send employees to our group classes in NYC or create a custom training program onsite.

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Rated NYC’s Best AutoCAD Classes

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Work on real-world exercises & projects in AutoCAD

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attended Intro to AutoCAD Workshop

Very helpful class to ensure you learn how to use AutoCAD the right way with best practices! This is more focused on best practice rather than refining / improving your drawing skills; however, I found it very valuable to take following the Intro to AutoCAD class.

attended Intermediate AutoCAD

The Beginner AutoCAD course was relaxed, but quick and engaging. The focus on best practices and exploration of the program sets a really helpful foundation for further progress into the program, regardless of actual application. I would happily look to continue with the Intermediate and Advanced courses.

attended Beginner AutoCAD

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Upcoming AutoCAD Courses

Attend our AutoCAD classes in our New York City location, or request onsite training for your team.

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Learn more about our AutoCAD classes

Beginner AutoCAD Course

Start with our beginner AutoCAD, a 3-day intensive AutoCAD bootcamp. Learn by working on real-world drafting exercises compiled in a workbook that is yours to keep, developed by our curriculum team at NYIM.

In the course, we will also review best practices to

You will work on several projects, including

Intermediate AutoCAD

In the Intermediate Autocad Class you will learn how to create and effectively set up templates by setting units, drawing limits, and scales, defining layouts for printing sheets and creating styles.

AutoCAD Training Benefits

AutoCAD Course PDF Outlines

Quickly compare our AutoCAD classes with these downloadable PDF outlines.

Beginner AutoCAD Course Outline

Intermediate AutoCAD Course Outline

Advanced AutoCAD Course Outline

3D Modeling in AutoCAD Course Outline

Corporate & Private AutoCAD Training

Flexible training solutions & customized course content

Over two decades, NYIM has served the most prestigious businesses and institutions across the United States with its industry-leading AutoCAD corporate training program. For our corporate clients, we can customize the AutoCAD training to meet the needs of your team, and conduct the classes at your location or ours. Each AutoCAD class will come with a free consultation to ensure that the content meets your standards. After the consultation, our curriculum team will work to customize the course material at no additional charge.

Inquire about corporate AutoCAD training

Overview of AutoCAD

AutoCAD is a computer drafting program. Drafting, also referred to as technical drawing, the act of drawing diagrams that show how something functions or how it is going to be built. AutoCAD is not an art or graphic design program. Drawings in AutoCAD are generally not made for aesthetic purposes, but for builders to reference the drawings to construct the objects drawn. AutoCAD is focused on accuracy and precision and is used for blueprints and mechanical drawings, floor plans, electrical diagrams, site plans, elevations and a wide range of drawings of that nature.

AutoCAD is a vector based program, meaning that all graphics are computer-generated points (vector) placed on an XY grid, as opposed to raster graphics, which are pixel based and resolution dependent. In a vector-based program like AutoCAD, graphics are always sharp no matter the size and resolution is not an issue.

When drawing in AutoCAD, the focus is on accuracy, clarity, and speed. Our classes are geared towards achieving all three.

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