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Python Programming Classes in NYC or Live Online

Hands-on Python Classes & Corporate Training

Master programming principles in Python, data science using Jupyter, and automation with hands-on training in NYC, or earn a New York-licensed Certificate in Data Science. Our Python courses our held at our coding school, Noble Desktop, in Midtown Manhattan.

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Python Corporate Training

Drive team performance and efficiency with NYIM's industry-leading training. Send employees to our group classes in NYC or create a custom training program onsite.

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Work on real-world exercises & projects in Python

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Upcoming Python Courses

Attend our Python classes in our New York City location, or request onsite training for your team.




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Python for Data Science Bootcamp Price: $1595 Duration: 30 Hours Next Class: Private training available
Data Science Certificate Price: $3195 Duration: 72 Hours Next Class: Custom schedule
Python Machine Learning Bootcamp Price: $1195 Duration: 18 Hours Next Class: Private training available
Intro to Python Programming Price: $895 Duration: 12 Hours Next Class: Private training available
Python in a Day Price: $325 Duration: 6 Hours Next Class: Private training available
Python for Automation Price: $425 Duration: 6 Hours Next Class: Private training available

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Why Learn Python at NYIM Training?

Python is a general-purpose programming language used for data science, software development, automation, machine learning, and much more. It is one of the fastest-growing programming languages due to its versatility, easy syntax, and expansive libraries and frameworks.

Through our coding school, Noble Desktop, we offer hands-on Python classes in NYC taught by top data scientists using our proprietary curriculum. Here are some of the benefits of learning Python with us.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

Our Python curriculum is 100% focused on practical applications of Python for data science, automation, and machine learning. We're constantly updating our class projects to reflect real-world scenarios data analysts and developers encounter each day.

Hands-on Python Training

Each topic in Python is taught with a mini project or exercise. You won't sit for hours listening to lectures. The instructor will present a short demonstration and example, and you'll complete several exercises with the instructor's guidance. 

Learn from the Top Instructors

We bring in instructors who are not only the top Python programmers but are also dynamic teachers. We know that learning new programming languages is challenging, so we equip you with the top instructors and curriculum to get you going.

Best-in-class Support Materials & Free Retake

Each participant will receive class files and supporting presentations for future reference. 

Fell behind in a class, or want a complete refresher before you start a new position? You can retake the course for free within six months if there is an available seat (if not, we'll extend the period). 

The Perfect Learning Environment

Join us in our spacious campus in Midtown Manhattan. Each participant will be set up with a computer and Python, so no need to worry about wasting class time to get set up. You'll hit the ground running right away.

Flexible Scheduling Options

Our core Python classes are available on weekdays or part-time on weeknights. Not sure about your schedule? We offer free rescheduling up to three business days before the course. 

Corporate & Onsite Training Available

Do you need to upskill multiple employees? Purchase a block of class vouchers (discounts provided for 10+) or bring us to your office. Our onsite training includes a free consultation with our instructor to guarantee that the course focuses on what your team needs. Email us to speak with a corporate training representative.

Affordable Pricing

If all that wasn't enough, our pricing is among the most affordable in NYC. We also offer discounted bootcamp packages for further savings. Our Data Science Certificate is our most popular and offers a 15% savings on four classes - Python for Data Science, Python Machine Learning, Python for Automation, and SQL Bootcamp.

Python and the Rise of the Cloud

Python is one of the most popular skills around right now with the rise of data science, but why all the fuss?

Excel has been around since 1978 and has been the standard around offices around the world for many years.

Now, it seems that Python is all the rage, and companies are looking to move towards cloud-based tools like Python.

The Cloud (from a non-technical person)

If you are like me (and most people), you hear lots about "the cloud" but don't actually know what it is. Well, one of my friends who is a developer once gave it to me very simply - "the cloud is just someone else's computer."

Basically, large companies used to have data centers where they stored their data. Think of a huge room with thousands of computers there to store data. This was costly to manage and actually not all that secure. You have to keep lots of ventilation to make sure the computers don't catch fire and you'd also need physical security to make sure data wasn't stolen.

And that's how we get to cloud-based data, things like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and others. 

Instead of companies having large data centers to house their data, companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google would just do all the work of housing the data and charge you to store your data with them. This was less costly and more secure than having data centers and so the cloud business skyrocketed. I'm sure you've seen commercials for AWS or another cloud tool, and if not, just check the market cap of these large tech companies, where a huge portion of their profits are coming from the cloud business.

What Does This Have to do with Python?

Well, with the rise of big data and data-driven decision-making, the need for high-powered analytics tools has grown. While the old and faithful Excel has been great to us, it has its limitations. 

When we think about working with huge amounts of data in the cloud and doing analyses or creating models, we need to look for bigger and better tools like Python. Python allows for better connectivity to cloud-based data and allows for more automation and scale in our work. Learn more about the differences in this Python vs Excel article.  

Python Classes

Python is a great skill to learn both to advanced your career or make a career switch. If you are ready to take that next step, then join us for hands-on Python classes where you will get to learn Python with step-by-step guidance and exercises so you can walk away with confidence in your Python mastery. If you prefer online learning then check out these options for the best ways to learn Python online.