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$209 Excel or $199 PowerPoint for Business Blowout! (Normally $299/ea)

PowerPivot Fundamentals $199 (Normally $299)

$199 QuickBooks Level 1 or Level 2 for PC, Mac, or Online Classes (Normally $299/ea)

Now $545-Excel Power Programming with VBA (Normally $659)

Now $649-Photoshop Essentials 2 Day Course (Normally $749)


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Excel Programming with VBA


Feb 21, Feb 22: 10:00am–5:00pm$5455Garfield S.1 Union Square W, NYC
Mar 26, Mar 27: 10:00am–5:00pm$5459Garfield S.185 Madison Avenue, NYC
Mar 31, Apr 1: 10:00am–5:00pm$54510TBD185 Madison Avenue, NYC
May 1, May 2: 10:00am–5:00pm$54510TBD185 Madison Avenue, NYC
May 31, Jun 1: 10:00am–5:00pm$54510TBD185 Madison Avenue, NYC
Jun 26, Jun 27: 10:00am–5:00pm$54510TBD185 Madison Avenue, NYC

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VBA Classes New York City

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The Excel Programming with VBA class concentrates on practical automation of repetitious Excel tasks and reports. By the end of this VBA & Macros training course, you will feel confident in writing macros to automate your Excel tasks even if the data is not consistently formatted, creating custom Excel applications and environments, and creating custom Excel Add-ins to increase the functionality of the program. This VBA course is perfect for those consistently working with Excel who need to automate repetitive tasks.

VBA Class Benefits

   - Small class sizes for personalized attention

   - VBA training manual and free retake included in the price

   - 2 days of hands-on and practical VBA training

   - Leading VBA & Macros intructor in Manhattan, NYC

Excel VBA Course Outline


  • What are macros
  • How to record macros
  • How to run macros
  • How Macros are related to VBA

VBA Editor

  • What is VBA
  • How to edit VBA Code

    What is a “sub” routine

  • What is Project Explorer
    • How to turn on Project Explorer
    • Excel Objects and Modules
      • What are Excel Objects
      • What are Modules
      • Making a sheet hidden
  • Properties,
    • What are Properties and their purpose
    • Renaming Modules
    • Renaming Sheets
  • Watch Window
    • What is a watch window and how to use it
  • Comments
    • What are comments
    • How are comments marked
    • The importance of comments
  • Debugger
    • What is the debugger
    • How is it used
    • Step into
    • Step over
    • Step Out
    • Play
    • Breakpoint
    • Reset
    • Monitoring values

Declaring Variables

  • What are Variables
  • How to declare variables
    • Using “Option Explicit”
    • Declaring multiple variables
    • Requiring variable declaration
  • Types of Variables
    • String
    • Integer
    • Single
    • Double
    • Boolean
    • Date
    • Time
    • Variant
      • Why to avoid variant declaration
      • When to use variant

Referencing & Manipulating

    • Selecting a specific cell
    • Selecting the active cell
    • Setting the value of a cell
    • Deleting cell contents
  • Rows
    • Selecting a specific row
    • Selecting the active row
    • Selecting the last row
    • Insert a row
    • Deleting row contents
  • Columns
    • Selecting a specific column
    • Selecting the active column
    • Selecting the last column
    • Insert a column
    • Deleting the column contents
  • Worksheets
    • Selecting a specific Worksheet
    • Selecting the active worksheet
    • Adding a new worksheet
    • Naming a worksheet
  • Range
    • Selecting a range of cells


  • How to Reference a string
  • Concatenating strings

IF Statements

  • If Then Statements
  • If Then Else Statements


  • Do While Loop
  • For Next Loop
  • For Next Loop with Step
  • Do Until Loop
  • For Each Loop

Activating Script when Workbook Opens

  • Workbook_Open
  • Auto_Open

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Client Testimonials
This course exceeded my expectations.Saba is a great instructor! She answered all my questions and went beyond to link it to real life examples.- Laura H. attended Excel Programming with VBA
Saba made the class non- intimidating and informative due to her casual approach, teaching from the basics forward and her helpfulness with every little question. I did like that the class was small and hands on with computers.- N.B. attended Excel Programming with VBA
Saba really knows her stuff! Lively attitude kept things interesting. She was very interactive and engaging us in the class.- V.B. attended Excel Programming with VBA
I don't even know what else Saba could have done to make the class better - she was so on point and really interesting. - L.P. attended Excel Programming with VBA
Thank you for the session! It was really helpful and I've learned a lot from Joe.- N.N. attended Excel Programming with VBA