Excel Programming with VBA

VBA Classes in NYC

Increase your daily productivity by learning VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). Create custom buttons and automate repetitive tasks. Learn how to write code to develop new macros and update existing macros to improve their functionality. Master the VBA programming language to accelerate your workflow and reduce your daily workload by several hours.

In this practical, instructor-led VBA training workshop, you will work on real-world applications of Macros and Excel programming with hands-on exercises. In addition to extensive teaching experience, our instructors provide VBA consulting work and use examples and best practices from real projects in the class.

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$545 16 Hours PC provided 185 Madison Avenue, NYC In-person classroom training

Corporate training available

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Aug 22–23 Thu–Fri, 9am–5pm
Sep 9–10 Mon–Tue, 9am–5pm
Sep 21–22 Sat–Sun, 9:30am–5:30pm
Oct 7–8 Mon–Tue, 9am–5pm
Oct 29–30 Tue–Wed, 9am–5pm
Nov 16–17 Sat–Sun, 9:30am–5:30pm
Nov 25–26 Mon–Tue, 9am–5pm
Dec 16–17 Mon–Tue, 9am–5pm

What You'll Learn

  • Record and edit macros
  • Write custom VBA code in the VBA editor
  • Implement security measures to preserve code
  • Prevent crashes and rectify errors with code troubleshooting techniques

Full Course Syllabus

Download PDF Outline

VBA Macros Day I

1. Macros / VBA

  • What are Macros?
  • What is VBA?
  • How to record macros
  • How to run macros

2. VBA Editor

  • Modules
  • Procedures
  • Project Explorer
  • Toolbars / Options

3. Creating / Editing Code

  • Create Procedures
  • Subs
  • Comments

4. Invoking Macros

  • Hot Keys
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Call Command

5. Compiling Code

  • Stepping through code
  • Reset
  • Run
  • Preventing fatal errors and crashes

6. Variables

  • Declarations
  • Option Explicit
  • Data Types

7. Working with The Object Model

  • Worksheets
  • Ranges: Rows, Columns, Cells

8. Creating & Naming Objects

  • Naming conventions
  • Housekeeping

9. Navigation / Selection Techniques

  • Formula R1C1 Reference Style
  • Offsets
  • Range Names

10. Logic Statements

  • IF Statements

11. Looping Statements

  • Do Loops

12. Interactive Code

  • Input boxes
  • Message boxes

13. Error Handlers

VBA Macros Day II

1. VBA Editor

  • Project Explorer
  • Properties Window
  • Modules

2. Creating / Editing Code

  • Functions
  • Events

3. Invoking Macros

  • Worksheet Buttons
  • Customize Ribbon

4. Compiling Code

  • Stepping through code
  • Setting Breakpoints

5. Variables

  • Declarations
  • Option Compare Text
  • Option Compare Binary
  • Lifetime and Scope

6. Working with The Object Model

  • Application

7. Creating & Naming Objects

  • Naming conventions
  • Housekeeping

8. Navigation / Selection Techniques

  • Absolute versus Relative Reference
  • Offsets

9. Logic Statements

  • Nested IF Statements
  • Case Statements

10. Functions

  • Intrinsic Functions
  • User Defined Functions

11. Looping Statements

  • For Each Next Loops

12. Interactive Code

  • User Forms - dashboards
  • Message Boxes

13. Error Handlers

  • Error numbers
  • Error descriptions

Excel VBA Classroom Training in NYC

The Excel Programming with VBA course concentrates on practical automation of tedious Excel tasks and reports. This VBA class is perfect for professionals who work in Excel regularly and need to automate repetitive functions.

Throughout the course, you'll learn

  • Security
  • Recording macros
  • Reading and analyzing code
  • Programming basic macros
  • Create more complex macros
  • Variables
  • Looping statements
  • Logic statements
  • User Forms
  • Error Trapping
  • Troubleshooting

Why Register for VBA Courses at NYIM?

At NYIM, our project-based VBA courses teach you the fundamental skills to automate processes, write code, and use proper conventions and debugging techniques to prevent crashes and errors. Our courses including everything you need including a practical training manual with step-by-step instruction and a comfortable computer lab with software installed.

If you learn VBA class at NYIM, the only thing you need to bring is yourself! We provide refreshments, course materials, and patient instructors that guide you through exercises with ease. You will also get a free retake of the course within six months. Enroll today to increase your productivity and expedite your Excel workflow.

In-Depth VBA Course Overview

The two-day Microsoft Excel Visual Basic for Applications course is held live in-person at our Midtown headquarters. Over 16 hours, students will learn how to run macros, write and compile code using the VBA Editor, and troubleshoot. Students in the VBA course should have a working knowledge of Excel functions and good command over popular functions like PivotTables.

VBA Course Day 1

On the first day, students are introduced to macros and VBA code editor. Start writing code on Day 1 and learn logic and looping statements and naming conventions and other operational techniques to ensure your code functions correctly. Both sessions end with a lesson on Error Handling to resolve bugs, crashes, and mistakes in numbers or descriptions.

VBA Course Day 2

On the second day, Students will cover the same 13 topic areas, delving deeper into each topic. For example, both days review IF statements, but day two takes things further by reviewing Nested IF statements in addition to Case statements. You will learn to work within the entire Excel workbooks and the application, building on your knowledge of worksheets and individual components like cells, rows, and columns from the day before.

The course prepares students who would like to create proprietary Excel applications to run specific functions or multi-step tasks within Microsoft Excel. Though the course teaches VBA for Excel, many of the principles will help students using VBA in other applications, such as Microsoft Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word.

Corporate VBA Training & Custom Training Programs

Flexible training solutions & customized VBA training course content

If Excel is an essential tool in your company, but are not sure how to automate tasks or reduce time spent on repetitive functions, our custom corporate VBA training program can help. Our experienced instructors at NYIM can customize our curriculum to develop custom training solutions for your team.

Choose from the following training modalities to help your team achieve their goals:

  • Standard Training - We’ll host a private training session of our Excel VBA class following our standard syllabus for your organization.
  • Group Vouchers - Don’t want to interrupt the workday? Let your employees choose a class that accommodates their schedule.
  • Custom Training - We’ll customize course curriculum and deliver a targeted training program to achieve specific goals.

Tailor Training To Your Unique Needs

We offer a free consultation to customize the content. If your team uses Excel daily to enter, manipulate, and analyze data or weekly or monthly to complete extensive reports, we can create customized training sessions to help different team members meet your needs. The following are a few examples of how we can help:

  • Empower your team by providing VBA training. Each employee can use this knowledge to automate tasks they perform every day.
  • Develop a custom Excel application to perform specific data analysis tasks like financial models or reports and train your team to use it.
  • Train a specific team to automate one or more reports, and make changes as reporting needs fluctuate according to business needs.

Host Training On-site

For companies in Brooklyn, Bronx, Jersey City, Long Island, Manhattan, Newark, and Queens, we’ll come to your location and offer training on-site at no additional charge. We can also host your custom training session at our conveniently-located Midtown training center.

For an additional fee, we can deliver training onsite in Boston, Philadelphia, Stamford, and other East Coast cities.

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Rated the Best VBA Classes in NYC

See for yourself why NYIM is rated the best VBA courses in Manhattan by our customers:

100+ 5-Star Reviews on Yelp: Best VBA Classes NYC

This class is both the best VBA training and value in NYC. The class is very small (I had only two other students in my session) which allows the instructor to provide very personal training. The syllabus is very thorough and involves real-world, complex scenarios: such as changing formulas and text on a worksheet and replacing text strings by using loops. I took this class as training for an applications developer position and found it to be worthwhile. The price is very reasonable and the classes don't take up the whole day either. I strongly believe this to be the best value in NYC while offering the least amount of disturbance to your work schedule.
Saba made the class non- intimidating and informative due to her casual approach, teaching from the basics forward and her helpfulness with every little question. I did like that the class was small and hands on with computers.
Saba really knows her stuff! Lively attitude kept things interesting. She was very interactive and engaging us in the class.

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