Adobe After Effects CC Level 2

Advanced After Effects Training in NYC

Learn Advanced After Effects Techniques

In this intermediate/advanced After Effects course, we’ll take your After Effects skills to the next level.  We'll master text animations and create transitions between multiple layouts. Through several hands-on real-world projects integrating graphic elements with audio, video and photo elements, we'll master motion graphics workflow to create advanced projects, taking them from the initial design to final delivery.

In addition, we'll cover scripts to speed up your animation process, creating looping animations, working with mattes and masks, effective greenscreen removal, digital cell-phone screen replacement, rotoscoping live-action, morphing shape layers, integrating hand-drawn elements, JavaScript to automate animations in After Effects, animating UI's, working in After Effects 3D space, and much more.

Motion Graphics Certificate Program

Take our After Effects Level 1, Premiere Bootcamp, and Motion Graphics Portfolio Development courses along with this course and earn a Certificate in Motion Graphics.

Prerequisites: It is strongly recommended that you have taken our After Effects Level 1 course, or have equivalent experience working with the software.

This Adobe After Effects course is held at our design school, Noble Desktop, in SoHo.

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$975 18 Hours Mac and PC provided 594 Broadway, NYC In-person classroom training

This course is offered at our design school, Noble Desktop, in SoHo. View upcoming dates and register for this course directly on Noble Desktop’s website.

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What You'll Learn

  • Integrate live footage with still-images & animated graphics
  • Create a simple character animation
  • Sync a text animation to audio with fluid transitions
  • Learn to master the latest motion graphics techniques
  • Track the movement of objects
  • Learn effective green screen removal
  • Set up and and animate Lower Thirds
  • Learn advanced compositing techniques
  • Create a dynamic background using layered effects and particles

Full Course Syllabus

Download PDF Outline

Section 1

Vacation Stripes: Title Sequence with Custom Eases

  • Editing audio length & volume
  • Separately animating the X & Y Position properties
  • Customizing an ease using the Graph Editor & Keyframe Velocity
  • Using Alpha Mattes to hide/show text as it animates

Vacation Stripes: Working with Masks from Illustrator

  • Using Illustrator to create masks in After Effects
  • Repositioning & resizing masks
  • Animating the five stripes to arrive sequentially

Vacation Stripes: Drawing Simple Masks in After Effects

  • Using parenting to make the 12 noon text move with its container rectangle
  • Drawing masks using After Effects’ vector shape tools

Section 2

Superman: Simple Character Animation Using Masks

  • Converting an expression to keyframes for realistic hair animation
  • Using the Pen tool to create custom-shaped masks
  • Pre-composing to change layer size & animate multiple layers
  • Making the hero’s eyes blink using hold keyframes

Superman: Guide Layers, Text Presets, & Reverse Parenting

  • Rendering an animatic using import settings
  • Using a guide layer as an animation reference
  • Converting PSD layers to editable text & adding a text animation preset
  • Animating shapes
  • Adding an overshoot
  • Transitioning between layouts with reverse parenting

Superman: Shape Motion Paths & Audio

  • Syncing audio & adding text presets
  • Adding a property to a preset
  • Creating a shape layer
  • Creating a position motion path

Superman: More Transitions, Effects, & Camera Move

  • Using the Hue & Saturation effect to change colors
  • Adding a “camera move”

Section 3

Text Animation: Masking Layers & Using Scripts

  • Using scripts to automate tasks in After Effects
  • Hiding/showing moving layers using static alpha mattes
  • Creating an animation that overshoots its final position
  • More Illustrator masks in After Effects
  • Scattering the masked pieces & animating them to recombine

Text Animation: Creating a Transition Between Layouts

  • Using a guide layer as a positioning reference
  • Moving the lines of text with multiple words using null objects
  • Moving the lines away from the expanding chart using the guide layer
  • Splitting layers to “unparent” a child layer

Text Animation: Rotating Layers in 3D

  • Rotating each 3D line of text & graphic on its y-axis
  • How After Effects’ 3D camera influences layer perspective
  • Adding realistic oscillating overshoot keyframes
  • Syncing the text color changes with their graphic’s spin
  • Adding anticipation keyframes before a major animation
  • Stacking the graphics to form a solid color square

Text Animation: Animating Text Character-by-Character

  • Incorporating pre-animated comps into a larger project
  • Keeping vector layers in nested comps sharp
  • Animating the URL on a per-character basis
  • Transitioning from the gold square to reveal the logo

Section 4

T-Mobile Commercial: Motion Tracking to Remove a Logo

  • Splitting the interview clip
  • Adding solids for the mattes that will cover the logo
  • eathering the mask to soften its edges
  • Hiding the crocodile
  • Using the tracker to hide the logo
  • Refining the color of the patch using the Levels effect
  • Turning the video black & white

T-Mobile Commercial: Greenscreen Removal

  • Keying the backgrounds
  • Color correcting the scene to black & white
  • Creating a matte for the phone screen

Section 5

T-Mobile Commercial: 4-Point Tracking in mocha AE

  • Using mocha AE for planar tracking
  • Drawing the outer & planar surfaces
  • Doing the tracking & refining frames with misalignment
  • Compositing the T-Mobile screen
  • Luma mattes vs. alpha mattes
  • Using After Effects to manually track frames mocha AE has difficulty tracking

T-Mobile Commercial: Rotoscoping

  • Copying the rotoscoping path from Illustrator
  • Arranging the mask & the final result side-by-side
  • Setting keyframes for a mask path
  • Aligning the path every two frames and then every frame
  • Fine-tuning the mask path

T-Mobile Commercial: Animating the Exclamation Mark!

  • Revealing the exclamation mark’s stick
  • Revealing the dot & keeping its stroke width consistent
  • Adding & copying an expression

Section 6

T-Mobile Commercial: Animating the Logo & Backgrounds

  • Expanding the T-Mobile logo by animating its Z Position
  • Importing PNG sequences & using them as repeating tiling backgrounds
  • Stop motion exclamation rotation! (using hold keyframes)
  • Stop motion live footage: time remapping with hold keyframes

T-Mobile Commercial: Wipe Transitions & Shape Layer Fun

  • Animating the plane that will initiate a transition
  • Syncing a Linear Wipe transition with the plane’s flight
  • Cloning & animating a shape layer using the Repeater
  • Enhancing a 3D layer’s depth of field with a blur effect
  • Using a shape layer to initiate a Radial Wipe transition

T-Mobile Commercial: Lower Thirds & Final Transitions

  • Making the lower thirds appear & disappear using the Pan Behind tool
  • Animating the transition pattern & staggering its pieces
  • Freezing on the last frame
  • Transitioning to the end card
  • Animating the end card
  • Rendering