Live Online Training Student Guide

Written Student Guide

Prep Before Class

Please go through this setup at least 20 minutes before the scheduled class time, so you’ll be ready to start on time. If you need your company’s IT department to install software, please have them install the free Zoom app from as soon as possible.

You’ll receive information on getting the class materials, so be sure to download them ahead of time.

Our online classes use an app called Zoom. It’s free for you and is quick to set up.

Installing & Using Zoom

You’ll receive an email with the online connection information. Click the link in that email to open the Zoom meeting.

  • If you do not have the Zoom app installed: you will be prompted to download and install it. If you’re running macOS Catalina you may have to give Zoom permissions. 
  • If you have the Zoom app installed: you’ll be prompted to launch the meeting.

After Zoom has been installed, the meeting may automatically open. If not, go back to the webpage (or our email) and click the meeting link again.

Enter your name if prompted. 

The meeting will go full screen if the instructor has already started their screen share. 

Once you’re in the meeting, connect and test your audio. 

  • Computer Audio: To use your computer’s speakers/microphone, click Join With Computer Audio (or Join Audio in the bottom left).
  • Phone Audio: To use your phone to listen/talk, click the Phone Call tab (if you see it) or refer to the phone numbers in the email we sent you with the Zoom invite.

Audio & Microphone

To test your audio, click the arrow next to the Mute button and choose Test Speaker & Microphone and follow the prompts.

Your audio may be muted when the meeting starts. At the bottom left of the Zoom window:

  • If you see a Mute button, others can hear you. Click the Mute button to turn off your microphone so others cannot hear you.
  • If you see an Unmute button, others cannot hear you. Click the Unmute button to let others hear you.

When you’re not speaking, please mute yourself so background noises won’t be distracting to the teacher and other students.

Screen Sharing & Remote Control

You should be able to see the instructor’s screen once they start sharing it.

To talk to your instructor, simply speak through your phone or computer’s microphone. You can also type into the chat.

Need the instructor to look at your screen? 

  1. Tell the instructor by speaking or using the chat. 
  2. They’ll stop sharing their screen. 
  3. Then you click the Share Screen button. 
  4. Choose what you want to share (such as Desktop 1
  5. Click Share.
  6. If needed, you can allow the instructor to take control of your screen by clicking the Remote Control button, and then choosing the instructor’s name.
  7. When done, click Stop Share.

External (or Dual) Monitors

If possible, a second screen would be helpful (one for Zoom and another for the ebook/project files). If you are using two computers, please make sure your project files are on the same computer as Zoom so the instructor can see your screen.

Need Help Getting Set Up?

Feel free to email or call us if you have any questions or issues regarding setup or the live online learning process.

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