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$199 PowerPoint for Business Blowout! (Normally $299/ea)

PowerPivot Fundamentals Level 5a $199 (Normally $299)

15% off all Web Design Classes

$199 QuickBooks Level 1 or Level 2 for PC, Mac, or Online Classes (Normally $299/ea)

Now $545-Excel Power Programming with VBA (Normally $659)

Now $649-Photoshop Essentials 2 Day Course (Normally $749)

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1 Union Square West, Suite 805, NY, NY 212.658.1918


We offer the most practical Adobe Photoshop Training classes in NYC. We focus on tools and shortcuts that will make you more efficient while finding a sense of joy while using this advanced graphics tool.

Start with learning layers, selection tools, compositing photographs together and end with creating and retouching stunning images for print and the web. Choose between our Photoshop classes in New York City or private training at your location. For more information call Karyn at 212.658.1918 or email us.


Call 212.658.1918 or Email us


Photoshop CC Training in New York, New Jersey


Photoshop Training News!
We have coaxed one of the highest rated Adobe Trainers in the world to join us. He his not only an incredible trainer, but an incredible person. Welcome Eugene!



Recommended Course Tracks

Wed designers should take:
Dreamweaver > Photoshop  Essentials > Advanced Photoshop >
Photoshop Advanced Realistic Photomontage & Ad Creation > CSS3 (optional)

Photographers/Retouchers :
Photoshop Essentials > Advanced Photoshop (optional)

Photoshop Essentials >  Advanced Photoshop >
Photoshop Advanced Realistic Photomontage & Ad Creation (optional)

Photoshop Masters Track :
Photoshop Essentials > Advanced Photoshop >
Photoshop Advanced Realistic Photomontage & Ad Creation

Print Designers
InDesign Essentials >  InDesign for Digital Publications >
Photoshop Essentials >  Advanced Photoshop >
Photoshop Advanced Realistic Photomontage & Ad Creation (optional)


Adobe Training Rates
# of People Half Day
(3 hrs)
Full Day
(6 hrs)
1 $375 $675 ($75 Discount)
2-3 $965 $1,200 ($247 Discount)
4-6 $1,200 $1,600 ($200 Discount)
7-10 $1,870 $2,295 ($510 Discount)
11-14 $2,310 $2,835 ($630 Discount)
15+ Please contact us for quote
Client Testimonials
Eugenio was an experienced hands on instructor. He taught us all the fundamentals of Photoshop in precise and organized lessons. The class was small and personal and it was a nice professional environment. Eugenio even gave us his contact information for any questions we may have in the future along with his Youtube channel where he uploads clear step-by-step videos. A very worthwhile opportunity. 11/05- Teri F. attended Photoshop Essentials
It was like a very condensed tin of soup - and thick in content, its full benefit is only revealed when you take time afterwards to dilute what you heard by practice, practice, practice. Like all food it has a use-by date, but I have never felt so inclined to put time aside as after this course. To continue the food analogy, it was a healthy and sustaining meal and chef Eugene deserves 5 stars and an accolade.- R.L. attended Photoshop Essentials
Eugene was great! Knowledgeable, professional and concise. A great trainer who has a gift for relevant imparting techniques, tips and correlating personal experience to the learning material. Passionate about this class. Thank you.- E.G. attended Advanced Photoshop for Web Design & Special Effects
Just finished a Photoshop course taught by Eugenio. Wow. He is one of the best teachers I've ever had. Although clearly a world-class expert, he was so wonderful with the class of beginners. He was totally aware that most of us knew nothing about Photoshop, and therefore was extremely patient and helpful with any questions or problems we had. He explained everything slowly and completely, and then was very happy to go over any aspect we didn't comprehend until we got it. At the end of the class, he showed us several sites and tutorials to go over material, as well as giving each of us his personal contact information should we have future questions. Eugenio was an exceptional teacher, and I would take another class from him anytime. (Oh, also any NYIM classes offer free re-takes for life!) 5.0 star rating 2/5/2016- STACEY B. attended Photoshop Essentials
Eugene is fantastic!! He is also very knowledgeable when answering questions. A pro who takes his time with students and makes sure our questions are 110% answered.- C.V. attended Photoshop Advanced Realistic Photomontage & Ad Creation
Eugene is wonderful! The pace was perfect and he is very enthusiastic and patient. This is the perfect class for anyone who is a novice or wants to learn the basics.- pemari a. attended Photoshop Essentials
I enjoyed the Photoshop class with Scott. He was very helpful and full of tips for questions. I would definitely recommend the class!- Caitlin S. attended Photoshop Essentials
Eugene is a very good teacher and a genuinely nice guy. His enthusiasm to teach Photoshop made this class great. He took the time to discuss things with everyone and would recommend courses for everyone depending on their goals. This Web Design Class was by far the best class i have taken. Thank you to NYIM and Eugene.- A.R. attended Advanced Photoshop for Web Design & Special Effects
I recently took Photoshop Essentials and the instructor Eugene was incredibly knowledgeable, patient and passionate about the program and enthused the students. I would definitely recommend this instructor and class to others.- M.M. attended Photoshop Essentials
Eugene was excellent, very informative, very helpful. I took the beginners class and this one surpassed everything i have learned before. Eugene is very knowledgeable and willing to sit down with everyone and show the best practices and methods for your industry. - K.S. attended Advanced Photoshop
I have never learned so much in a short amount of time. Eugene taught w/ the highest professionalism ever. I will sign up for his Advanced Photoshop courses through NYIM from now on!- J.P. attended Photoshop Essentials
Eugene has to be one of the best and coolest instructors I've had in years. Very patient and moved at a great pace. He made this class a true learning experience.- M.E. attended Photoshop Essentials
Eugene was very helpful, stopped when anyone needed help, and checked to make sure we were all on the same page. He acknowledged when we did a good job. Very good instructor. Will definitely take additional classes with him again!!!- D.V. attended Advanced Photoshop
Eugene was very helpful and thorough. He took his time in explaining different parts in detail and answering all questions in a very comprehensible manner.- M.P. attended Advanced Photoshop
Eugene was a really great teacher. He covered a lot of ground. He was very patient and thorough,especially with questions. He explained large, varied and complex material in an understandable way. Very nice guy.- J.H. attended Photoshop Essentials
Scott is a very good communicator on going over the items on Photoshop- T.Z. attended Photoshop Essentials