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Conquer your fear of public speaking and become a master communicator with our interactive public speaking classes. In our small classes, you'll learn the tips and tricks you need to take your communication to the next level and start practicing your speaking with your peers in the classroom. 

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Public speaking is a tremendous fear for many and it can bring up lots of anxious feelings. In our public speaking classes, you'll have the opportunity to move past these fears in a controlled environment and come out as a better speaker and communicator. Learn the tips and tricks of public speaking and start practicing in the classroom. 

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Why Take Public Speaking Classes?

The idea of speaking in public can cause massive anxiety for many people, and for many people it can be among their highest fears. But rather than living in fear and avoiding public speaking we turn that fear into a strength by learning the art of public speaking and building our confidence through practice. Learning public speaking can be a lot of fun and it can also have real tangible benefits in our social and professional lives. Let’s talk about some of the biggest benefits of public speaking classes. 

Overcome Fears & Build Confidence

There is something intrinsically rewarding when we are able to conquer our fears and even turn them into strengths. Think of a kid jumping into the pool for the first time in fear and soon after having tons of fun in the pool. There is a huge relief and a sense of accomplishment when we are able to face our fears and conquer. As scary as it seems, you will slowly conquer your fears in public speaking classes by speaking in front of your peers in a controlled setting. The more speaking reps you get in, the more confidence you will build in yourself. 

Become a Better Communicator

Even though we spend a large chunk of days communicating with people, many of us are not very good communicators, but that doesn’t mean we can’t improve. Whether it is communicating with friends and family, or communicating in a professional setting, our ability to communicate well is extremely valuable for creating good relationships and succeeding professionally. 

Advance Professionally

You know that person at work that everybody seems to listen to? That could be you! Success in our professional lives is not only about our hard skills and how much we know, but it also depends on our ability to communicate, deliver information well, and convince other people of certain things. In public speaking classes, you’ll learn how to do just that so you can become a better communicator in your professional life and take your skills further. 

Why Are We So Afraid of Public Speaking?

There is so much fear around public speaking and it’s important to break these down to see just how powerful breaking through in public speaking can be. 

Self Doubt

Oftentimes we might experience some self-doubt before getting up in front of people and wonder if what we have to say even matters or has any validity. In public speaking classes, you will build up the confidence you need to put self-doubt behind you. 

Fear of Forgetting

Before a big speech or meeting, we might also worry that we’ll forget what we were going to say or lose our place while speaking. This can be a paralyzing fear, but with practice you can conquer this as well.

Fear of Judgement

Anytime we share ideas or express opinions, we might experience some fear of judgement. We might think twice about speaking up because we aren’t sure how the audience will respond or if they will think less of us after speaking. Public speaking classes provide a safe space to work through these fears while everyone is experiencing that fear, and you will hear from other students and realize that fear is common and is less important than you originally made it out to be. 

These are just a couple of fears that might come up when thinking about public speaking but there are many more that may arise. The goal of public speaking courses is to move past these fears in a controlled environment to build up your confidence and conquer those fears. Become a powerful public speaker and better communicator with our public speaking classes.