Business writing involves knowing your target audience, the goal of your message, and its purpose. Along with defining your audience, message, and objective, it’s equally important to use proper grammar and writing techniques. Writing a sales proposal for a prospective client and a memo outlining office behavior require two very different sets of skills.

This Business Writing Bootcamp includes our Grammar Essentials, Effective Business Writing, and Advanced Business Writing courses at a 20% discount. You'll learn practical strategies to sharpen your writing skills from idea to final draft, review essential grammar rules, and prepare complex multi-page business documents.

The Business Writing Bootcamp includes

Grammar Essentials

This course offers a comprehensive review of grammar rules. You’ll learn how to identify common grammar errors, write effectively for different audiences, and identify the correct form of a word depending on its part of speech.

Effective Business Writing

This business writing course offers practical strategies to sharpen your writing skills from idea to final draft. The class begins by reviewing the core of effective writing—knowing your audience, organizing your thoughts, and writing strong sentences. Following, you will explore a variety of different types of writing in a business setting.

Advanced Business Writing

Prepare complex, multi-page business documents for any purpose. Learn outline and formatting techniques for different business documents, including schedules, proposals, project plans, and contracts.