The front end of a website is the part you see working in a web browser. Learn to create websites by coding HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, and Sass. Keep track of changes and collaborate with other developers using Git.

Learn Front-End Coding

  • Learn web coding with HTML to mark up pages, CSS for styling, and JavaScript to add functionality and interactivity

Code Responsive Websites

  • Optimize websites for mobile, tablet, and desktop

This Front-End Web Development Certificate (licensed by New York State) is a comprehensive program that you can attend in New York City or live online, with more learning time than many similar programs. You'll get hands-on practice from day one, step-by-step training workbooks that we’ve written ourselves, and a free retake if you feel like you need more time to master the material.

The Front-End Web Development Certificate includes

Web Development Level 1

In this web development course, you’ll learn how to develop websites with HTML and CSS, the languages used to create webpages.

Web Development Level 2

Kick your CSS skills up a notch and learn how to code more complex layouts. In this CSS course, you’ll master the positioning of elements (relative, absolute, fixed), create multi-column layouts, and learn about newer CSS3 transitions, transformations, and animations.

JavaScript & jQuery

Give your websites a jolt of functionality and interactivity with JavaScript & jQuery. Learn to hide and show elements, customize animations, validate forms, and much more. 

Flexbox & Grid: CSS Layout Techniques

Learn how to use CSS Flexbox and Grid to create responsive web layouts that adjust to different screen sizes.

Git Going: An Intro to Git

Git is the most commonly used version control system. Git helps you track the change you make to your code. Collaboration is seamless; Git allows multiple developers to work together on the same files. Your profile on GitHub can even serve as a portfolio of your work.

Coding Tips & Tricks: Emmet, Sass, & Code Editors

Coding doesn't have to take a long time.  In this class, we'll help you shave hours off each project you create by using Emmet, Sass, and Sublime Text.