Sketch is an app for Mac that was built with the needs of a modern web designer (or app designer) in mind. This one-day class will teach you the fundamentals of Sketch to create user interfaces.  You’ll create wireframes and turn them into finished designs that are optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktops. 

Sketch uses artboards to help you design web responsive layouts for mobile, tablet, and desktop. It’s vector-based, so you can scale for a variety of screen sizes with ease, as well as export hi-resolution (Retina) graphics for the web. Sketch contains tools and features specifically relevant to User Interface (UI) design, native and adjustable grids.  Sketch makes it easy to export your work.

If you already know Sketch and want to take your skills to the next level, check out our Sketch Advanced class.

Why Learn Sketch for Web & UI Design?

Unlike some other image editing programs—which were originally created for print, photo retouching, or illustration—Sketch was made for designing user interfaces.

  • With artboards and layout guides, you can design on popular grid systems (like Bootstrap), making responsive web design easier than ever.
  • Symbols are where Sketch really shines. They are much more powerful than in similar apps, such as Adobe XD. Symbols let you reuse design elements (such as buttons) to create flexible design systems. Content can be customized across instances of a symbol, while maintaining the symbol's appearance. You can update symbols globally, making design changes easy and quick.
  • Exporting graphics from Sketch is simple. Mark what you want to export, select the file type and size, and you’re ready to go.

This beginner Sketch course and our advanced Sketch course are both held at our design school in Midtown.

What You'll Learn

  • Use Sketch to create and optimize graphics for web and user interface design.
  • Create wireframes and turn them into finished designs that are optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop screens.
  • Design on grids, extract image assets, create hi‑res 2x graphics, and more.