Learn Microsoft Excel

Free Excel Tutorials, Videos, & Step-by-Step Guides

Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet application used for data analysis. Master this powerful tool with our free resources, including step-by-step tutorials, videos, and guides.

Microsoft (MS) Excel is a spreadsheet software program in the Microsoft Office suite and a robust data management and analysis tool for business professionals. It’s currently available on desktop computers for both Mac and PC, as a mobile app, and also online via the Office 365 cloud. Basic excel features include data calculation, data graphs and charts, pivot tables, and task automation with macros. Professionals use MS Excel for advanced functions in a variety of industries, especially statistics, finance, and engineering.

Although Excel was not designed to be a database, it is often used that way for smaller datasets of a few hundred or thousand records. Like most spreadsheets, Excel is a grid composed of numbered rows and lettered columns. The amount of rows and columns in the program varies by version, but the maximum number of rows in Excel 2016 is 1,048,576, and the maximum number of columns is 16,384.

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