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What is Project Management?

Project management is the art of starting, organizing, planning, and managing projects. Key features of a project include that it is unique, not a regular process; temporary, with a definite start and completion date; and mission-oriented, initiated with a specific goal to achieve. Examples of projects include the construction of a new hotel in Las Vegas, building a mobile app, or launching a new service or branch of business.

Project Management Industry Overview

Managing scope, cost, and time are the critical tasks of the project manager role. The project manager ensures all project tasks close (scope), as scheduled (time), and without exceeding the budget (cost). If the project runs smoothly, and everyone does their part, the project manager’s job may seem easy. On the contrary, if the project is unsuccessful, late, or exceeds budget, the project manager is held responsible.

Project Management Courses & Certifications

Project Management courses at NYIM prepare you for the PMI Project Management Professional (PMP®) exam, considered to be the gold standard certification in project management. Introductory project management courses offer the basics of project management, including the knowledge areas and project management stages. The Advanced Project Management Course digs deeper into the project management methodology.

Project management professionals can earn certification in both the field of project management or individual project management methodologies. The gold-standard of project management certification is PMI’s Project Management Professional or PMP® certification. Learn more about our PMP® certification training and project management classes in NYC.

Project Management Certification Courses in NYC

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