10 Knowledge Areas on PMP® Exam

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The 10 Knowledge areas are key in not only preparing for the PMP® Exam, but to become a better Project Manager and effectively manage your projects. Below we will provide a high-level overview of each of these areas:

  1. Integration Management is one of the broadest of the knowledge areas. Project Integration Management and impacts all the other areas. It is the glue that holds all the processes together and creates one cohesive project.
  2. Scope Management is the knowledge area that concentrates on project planning, determining the project goals and deliverables. In a nutshell, what is and is not part of the project.
  3. Schedule Management focuses on establishing the criteria and activities for creating the project schedule. The schedule focuses on the project milestones, activities and project deliverables.
  4. Cost Management – Every project costs money. The focus here is on what are the costs, how will they be managed and how are costs controlled.
  5. Quality Management focuses on stakeholder satisfaction. It touches on every aspect of the project.
  6. Resource Management focuses on the roles and responsibilities, who reports to who and staff management.
  7. Communications Management is planning communication for the entire project. Who do you need to communicate with, when to communicate and how to deliver the information.
  8. Risk Management – No project is perfect. Issues will always arise and there must be a system in place to handle those issues. Planning for risk and learning to identify risks is key to develop strategies to manage them.
  9. Procurement Management – Your project will involve the purchasing of services or goods. These relationships are formed through contracts that outline the terms and conditions.
  10. Stakeholder Management – At the end of the day, stakeholder satisfaction is key to a successful project. This knowledge area examines how to manage the stakeholder’s expectations and how to interact with them through the life of the project.

NYIM's PMP® Certification Bootcamp provides an in-depth overview of these knowledge areas along with many other key topics tested on the PMP® Exam. We also offer hands-on project management courses in NYC for beginners.

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