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Project management is the art of starting, organizing, planning, and managing projects. Key features of a project include that it is unique, not a regular process; temporary, with a definite start and completion date; and mission-oriented, initiated with a specific goal to achieve. Examples of projects include the construction of a new hotel in Las Vegas, building a mobile app, or launching a new service or branch of business.

More Project Management Resources

  • Manage the Project Budget

    Cost management is the process of figuring out how much the project is going to cost and what factors attribute to those costs. It allows a business to plan for costs to prevent it from going over budget.

  • Communication Process

    The goal of communication is to keep everyone in the loop.

  • Manage a Project Team

    A properly managed team is crucial for a successful team.

  • Planning Quality

    A Quality Plan is essential and fundamental to achieve quality on a Project.

  • Managing Project Risks & Issues

    A risk is an uncertain event or condition; risk can be both positive and negative.

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