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Team Management

This process represents the Human Resource side to a Project. This process is often challenging and can presents difficulties for the sheer fact people are unpredictable. Teams can experience conflict.  When team members experience low morale and lose motivation, it can affect all aspects of the project. A properly managed team is crucial for a successful team. This process will continue to take place as long as there is a project team in place.

How to Manage a Team

The Project Manager wants their team to succeed. Part of the role of the Project Manager is to manage their team. Collaboration and communication skills are vital and should be present in all team members. The Project Manager should spend quality time developing the team during the start of the Project. Often when people are placed together, there is a strong possibility of conflict. Conflict should be dealt with in a constructive manner, such as confronting the problem and look for a resolution. It is a misconception that simply putting people together means you have a team. It takes time for them to develop trust and comfort in working with each other.

A cohesive team requires constant communication that is complete and consistent through the life of the project. Sharing information should be encouraged. An open work environment will boost employee morale.  The methods of communication should be outlined in the Project’s communication plan.

Do not keep your team in the dark. The team needs a clear vision about how the project should be accomplished. You do not need to share every detail, however, by including the team in the decision-making process, they will feel involved, accountable and motivated. The less you involve your team, the more chances they will make decisions that do not align with the strategic goals of the project. Remember, communication is key to a successful project.

Mistakes happen, it is inevitable. It is not the job of the Project Manager to point fingers. Instead, the team should work together to avoid future errors, corrective action first and then preventive action for the future.

When project milestones are reached, they should be communicated to the project team members and stakeholders. Many times, Project Managers forget to celebrate the small victories. It is essential to recognize the team’s goals as well as communicate project success.

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