Intro to AutoCAD

AutoCAD Workshop in NYC

In this Intro to AutoCAD class, you'll learn basic drawing and modifying techniques for drafting and technical drawing, using AutoCAD to create drawings that can be used to build real objects both mechanical and architectural. This is the first day of our Beginner AutoCAD 3-day class.

Layers, plotting (printing), properties, measurements, text, and other subjects will be covered in day two and day three of Beginner AutoCAD class.

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$325 8 Hours PC provided 185 Madison Avenue, NYC In-person classroom training

Corporate training available

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Sep 13 Friday, 9am–5pm
Oct 21 Monday, 9am–5pm
Nov 22 Friday, 9am–5pm
Jan 7 Tuesday, 9am–5pm

What You'll Learn

  • AutoCAD interface
  • Basic drawing commands
  • Drawing precision
  • How to modify your drawing

Full Course Syllabus

Download PDF Outline

1: Getting Started with AutoCAD

Opening and Creating Drawings

Exploring the AutoCAD interface

Zooming and Panning

2: Entering Commands

Using the Mouse, Keyboard, and Enter Key to work quickly and efficiently in AutoCAD

3: Basic Drawing Commands




4: Projects

Creating Simple Drawings

Using Object Snap Tracking to extrapolate a projected top view

Using Modify tools to arrange an office layout

5: Drawing Precision in AutoCAD

Polar and Ortho Tracking

Entering Coordinates and Angles

Object Snaps and Tracking

6: Modifying Your Drawing






Using the reference option with the Scale Tool