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SQL Classes in Washington, DC or Live Online

Learn to extract actionable insights from complex data sets in our SQL training in Washington, DC live online or at your office in Washington, DC. Master queries and joins, summarize data with logic and date functions, and automate workflow with stored procedures and triggers.

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SQL Corporate Training

Drive team performance and efficiency with NYIM's industry-leading training. Send employees to our group classes in Washington, DC or create a custom training program onsite.

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Upcoming SQL Courses

Attend our SQL classes live online from anywhere, or request onsite training for your team.

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SQL Class Washington, DC

SQL is one of the most popular programming languages used by developers today, with countless technological uses and a secure future. 

Whether you're a developer, seasoned business analyst, or aspiring data enthusiast, our SQL courses give you all the tools you need to extract data, make data-driven business decisions, and develop a career in data analytics. 

For an introduction to SQL or to fill in skills gaps, take our beginner, intermediate or advanced workshops. Each course comes with a custom training manual, with step-by-step instructions to complete each skill learned in class. You'll also have the option to retake the course completely free of charge, anytime within six months.

Our three-day SQL Bootcamp helps you build data analytics skills from ground zero. Day one starts with developing a thorough understanding of data, different types of databases, and the fundamentals of the SQL language. By day three, you'll work with text data, save SQL code for repetitive tasks using stored features, and create temporary tables. 

Data, Databases, and SQL

Extracting actionable insights from complex data sets is a valuable skill, and SQL is the key to unlocking this ability. Careers in database administration, software development, and market research analytics are growing at a faster than average rate. Whether you use large databases, work with Microsoft Applications, or manage data in an eCommerce store,  with SQL, you’ll have the tools to make informed business decisions quickly.

Structured Queried Language or SQL (pronounced S-Q-L or sequel) is a back-end programming language explicitly designed to work with database management systems (DBMSs). A database is a collection of organized data. Databases contain tables, which store data in structured groups. For example, a grocery store database would have separate data tables for produce, bakery items, and canned foods.

With SQL, you can:

What You'll Learn in our SQL Courses

Our SQL classes include simple, methodical, step-by-step tasks that will teach you everything you need to know. You’ll go from basic query and retrieval tasks to joining SQL tables for better insights and storing complex SQL code for later use. Topics covered in our SQL classes include:

SQL Training Benefits at NYIM

At NYIM, you don’t need to bring a computer or purchase Microsoft SQL Server. All students in our courses have access to our modern training facility equipped with PC and Mac computers, and the latest version of Microsoft SQL installed. Also, you’ll get access to the following:

SQL Training and Certification Washington, DC

Take our three core SQL classes and study for the Microsoft SQL Certification exam "Database Fundamentals" (Exam 98-364). The Database Fundamentals exam covers the following topics explained on the Microsoft Database Fundamentals Exam Page:

For more information on how to take the certification exam, and how our SQL classes prepare you for the exam, please call or email us.

Corporate & On-site SQL Training in Washington, DC

Flexible SQL training solutions

If you answered yes to any of these questions, our SQL classes are perfect for you. At NYIM, our SQL courses provide value to teams and companies that want to maximize their productivity. By training your team to identify actionable insights and make data-driven business decisions, you’ll increase efficiency and productivity throughout your entire company.

Our SQL classes will teach your employees how to use company data to make business decisions, proposals, and suggestions based on company data. You can invest in training for specific employees or your entire staff. You can also develop a custom training session suited to your particular business needs.

For corporate clients, we offer custom SQL training to meet the needs of your team and conduct the classes at our location or onsite at your headquarters. Each corporate training package begins with a free consultation to ensure that the content meets your standards.

After the consultation, our curriculum team will customize course material at no additional charge.