This three-day bootcamp transforms beginners into confident SQL users that can write queries, manipulate tables and store advanced code.

Start by learning relational database and SQL fundamentals and compose basic queries. Create views, subqueries and conversion functions. By the end, you will create your own SQL database, import and export data from Microsoft Office applications and automate workflow with stored procedures.

Our SQL classes include simple, systematic, step-by-step tasks that will teach you everything you need to know in the most efficient, thorough approach. You’ll go from basic data query and retrieval tasks to joining SQL tables and storing complex SQL code for later use. Reference the bootcamp materials with our custom guides, and retake the course for free within six months if you need a refresher. 

This SQL Bootcamp package includes our Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced SQL classes at a 15% discount.

The SQL Bootcamp includes

SQL Level I

Learn how SQL is used within relational database management systems. Connect to SQL Server and write queries with conditions. Use functions to calculate and format data before it’s presented on screen. In SQL Level 1, you’ll learn everything you need to write SQL queries on your own.

SQL Level II

Master views, subqueries, logic statements, and data conversions in SQL Level 2. Combine advanced SQL functions with fundamentals like inner and outer joins to proof your work. Develop your skills in SQL by writing advanced functions to gain more control in your relational DBMS (Database Management System).


Master advanced SQL processes and controls. Create stored procedures and temporary tables. Connect to external data sources like Microsoft Applications applications and manipulate data with constraints, indexes, and triggers. In SQL 3, you’ll gain the skills to begin a career in database management.