Tableau Bootcamp

Beginner to Advanced Tableau Training in NYC

Become an advanced Tableau user in just two days. 

This package includes our Intro to Tableau, and Advanced Tableau classes at a 15% discount. Choose a predefined track or customize your own schedule - weekday, night, and weekend scheduling options are available. 

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$598 $499 14 Hours Mac and PC provided 185 Madison Avenue, NYC In-person classroom training

Corporate training available

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Custom Schedule

Tableau Level I

Tuesday, Sep 10, 10am–5pm

Tableau Level II

Friday, Sep 13, 10am–5pm

Tableau Level I

Tue & Thu, Sep 17–19, 6–9pm

Tableau Level II

Tue & Thu, Oct 8–10, 6–9pm

Tableau Level I

Wednesday, Oct 16, 10am–5pm

Tableau Level II

Thursday, Oct 17, 10am–5pm

Tableau Level I

Monday, Dec 16, 10am–5pm

Tableau Level II

Tuesday, Dec 17, 10am–5pm

The Tableau Bootcamp includes

Tableau Level I

In this course, you will be introduced to the field of data visualization and the various tools Tableau Public offers. Through concepts and exercises, you will learn to identify datasets to connect to, explore, analyze, filter and structure your data to create your desired visualizations.

Tableau Level II

In this course, you dive further into tableau tools and customization of your visualizations. You will learn to create a variety of maps to represent your geographic data, and build actions to control your visualizations within your sheets and dashboards. This course requires to have completed level I in Tableau.

Full Course Syllabus

Download PDF Outline

Tableau Level I

Understanding Data

  • What is data
  • Where to find data
  • Foundations for building Data Visualizations

Creating Your First visualization

  • Getting started with Tableau Software
  • Using Data file formats
  • Connecting your Data to Tableau
  • Creating basic charts (line, bar charts, Treemaps)
  • Using the Show me panel

Tableau Calculations

  • Overview of SUM, AVR, and Aggregate features
  • Creating custom calculations and fields
  • Applying new data calculations to your visualization

Formatting Visualizations

  • Formatting Tools and Menus
  • Formatting specific parts of the view
  • Editing and Formatting Axes

Manipulating Data in Tableau

  • Cleaning-up the data with the Data Interpreter
  • Structuring your data
  • Sorting and filtering Tableau data
  • Pivoting Tableau data

Advanced Visualization Tools

  • Using Filters
  • Using the Detail panel
  • Using the Size panels
  • Customizing filters
  • Using and Customizing tooltips
  • Formatting your data with colors

Creating Dashboards & Stories

  • Using Storytelling
  • Creating your first dashboard and Story
  • Design for different displays
  • Adding interactivity to your Dashboard

Distributing & Publishing Your Visualization

  • Tableau file types
  • Publishing to Tableau Online
  • Sharing your visualization
  • Printing and exporting

Tableau Level II

Intro to Data Maps

  • Concepts of mapping data
  • Requirements in mapping data
  • Formatting geographic data for Tableau
  • Using Polygon data
  • Using background images
  • Using Mapbox maps
  • Customizing maps layers and map options

Creating Visualization Maps

  • Creating Choropleth maps
  • Creating Proportional Symbol maps
  • Tracking data over time using maps
  • Creating Spider maps
  • Creating Heat maps
  • Density Maps
  • Distributing and Publishing your map Visualization

Creating custom charts

  • Cyclical data and circular area chart
  • Dual Axis Charts
  • Dual Axis (Layered) Maps
  • Alluvial Diagram
  • Ranking Chart
  • Sheet swapping and dynamic dashboards