Learn the foundations of the markup language used to create webpages in this 3-hour HTML & CSS class.

Learn to Code

In this class, we’ll introduce you to HTML, the standard markup language used to create webpages.

You’ll dive in and code a website from scratch, learning how to format paragraphs, headings, and lists. You’ll learn how to create links, add images, and modify tags with attributes. By the end of class, you will learn basic CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to style the elements on your site, including tag selectors, class selectors, and the class attribute.

This 3-hour class is essentially the first section of our more comprehensive Web Development Level 1 class. If you find that you enjoy HTML and CSS and want to learn more, you can do the remainder of Web Development Level 1 and we’ll take the price of this class off that course!

This intro to web development class is held at our web design school in Midtown, located at 185 Madison Avenue.

What You'll Learn

  • Learn HTML, the standard markup language used to create webpages and emails.
  • Format paragraphs, headings, and lists.
  • Create links and add images.
  • Style webpages with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).