Enhance Videos in Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful, industry-standard software for filmmakingm, video editing, and motion graphics.

In this one-day Premiere course, you’ll learn file structure and organization, importing footage, exporting, using the timeline, creating titles, working with PSDs, and  working with audio tracks by tackling real film projects in a small class environment.

We'll help you get comfortable with Premiere Pro's interface, and we'll take you through the most common and the most advanced features. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to add Adobe Premiere to your design repertoire.  You'll learn:

  • File Structure and organization in Premiere
  • Key video terminology
  • Importing videos and photos
  • Timeline editing
  • Exporting options
  • Working with the Titling Tool
  • Adding movement to layered PSDs and still images
  • Working with multiple audio tracks
  • Film editing principles such as shot composition and screen direction
  • Integrating graphic assets
  • Keyboard shortcuts to speed your workflow
  • Resources to find footage to continue practicing the art of editing

This Premiere Pro course is held at our design school, Noble Desktop, in Midtown.

What You'll Learn

  • Learn to cut and edit video & audio
  • Create a travel promo by integrating a logo graphic
  • Use a layered Photoshop file to create a title card
  • Sync a video sequence to a voiceover narration
  • Add subtitles, effects, and transitions to enhance your videos
  • Learn key video terminology
  • Implement client revisions by replacing and re-editing clips
  • Export your videos for sharing