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Excel User Interface

Review of the User Interface for Microsoft Excel

Explore Microsoft Excel's basic user interface in this free tutorial for easier navigation.

Interface Element


Ribbon Tabs

Ribbon Tab is a tab that organizes commands by topic

The Ribbon

Commands underneath the Tabs

Ribbon Groups

Grouping of related commands

Dialog Box Launcher

Opens a dialog box that includes additional commands

Quick Access Toolbar

One click access to any frequently used command

Name Box

Displays cell location and can be used to navigate to a cell location

Select All Button

Selects all the cells in a worksheet

Formula Bar

View, enter, or edit cell contents

Insert Function Button

Displays Insert Function dialog box

Scroll Bars

Used to navigate up, down, left & right

Zoom Slider

Zoom into an area of the worksheet

View Buttons

Switch between Normal, Page Layout and Page Break Preview views

Worksheet tabs

Tabs used to select individual worksheets

The Workspace

The area inside of the columns and rows used in Excel


Columns use letters


Rows use numbers


Ribbon Overview

  • Home - Most commonly used buttons and includes common functions, sorting, etc.
  • Insert - For inserting Tables, Illustrations, Charts, Links and Text Objects
  • Page Layout - For Themes, Page Setup, Scaling, Sheet Options and Arrangement of drawing objects
  • Formulas - For inserting Functions, Range Names, Formula Auditing, and Calculations Options
  • Data - For Database Options (Filter/Sort, Data Tools, and Outlining)
  • Review - For Proofing, Comments, Protection, and Track Changes
  • View - For Workbook Views, Show/Hide, Zoom, Window options, and Macros

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