4 Advantages Gained by Attending Microsoft Excel Classes

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Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet and data analysis program with wide-ranging capabilities. In this article, we will review the advantages gained by attending our Microsoft Excel training classes.

No matter if you’re a CEO or a student, Microsoft Excel plays a vital role in the daily lives of many people. Some of the facts about that Excel reveal just how popular the program include:

  • 750 million users throughout the world use Microsoft Excel, which represents the largest market share of any spreadsheet program.
  • Microsoft's CEO has declared that Excel is the best consumer product the business ever made and cannot imagine life without the program.

While many of us are aware of the basic elements in Excel, there are a countless number of advanced ways to use the program about which only a small group of people knows. By learning these advanced techniques in a Microsoft Excel class, users gain several powerful advantages, which are reviewed in this article.

# 1 - Increased Value to Employers

 In our Excel classes, you will perfect skills that not many people know. As a result, you will have a capability that will make you unique from other candidates and you will become more appealing to employers.

Some of the reasons why employers value Excel so highly is that Excel can be used in a variety of ways, which include:

  • Creating schedules for staff so that deadlines are effectively met, and programs are successfully executed.
  • Performing financial accounting to monitor the company’s financial transactions.
  • Storing contact information for various clients and potential leads with which the business interacts.
  • Tracking sales of the company’s products as well as Return on Investments and any other data that companies believe is worth tracking

# 2 - Mastery of Excel Will Make You More Efficient

With increased abilities in sorting information in Excel, workers can analyze better and organize data which can save both the worker and their employer a substantial amount of time. Some of the skills that you can gain with Excel include:

  • Conditional formatting. This technique allows you to apply a format to a cell or a range of cells based on certain criteria. This can help create easier to read data. Users can also learn how to better format spreadsheets, which can be particularly beneficial when presenting information on spreadsheets to co-workers.
  • Identifying trends. There are numerous advanced skills in Excel that can be utilized to analyze and identify patterns in large data. Analysis of this data enables workers to better summarize statistics for presentations and meetings, which leads to more informed business decisions.
  • Sharing and connectivity. Excel allows users the opportunity to collaborate and share details about projects with others. Working on documents collaboratively allows more workers to have more meaningful input into Excel documents.

# 3 - Learning Excel Prepares Workers for Financial Positions

 There are countless finance-related positions which benefit from an increased understanding of Microsoft Excel.

Some of the types of positions where Excel skills can make a significant impact include the following:

  • Although several accountants specialize in more complicated financial management software like QuickBooks, it is often a wise idea for accountants to be familiar with how to navigate Excel.
  • Administrative assistants. Workers in these positions are frequently asked to perform small tasks related to Excel which might include creating databases, generating reports, or editing existing reports.
  • Data journalists. Workers in this position are responsible for maintaining large amounts of data to develop credible reports. Many data journalists depend on Excel to record this data.
  • Financial analysts. Nearly all financial analysts have a sophisticated understanding of Microsoft Excel because these workers are expected to review numerous charts in Excel to perform evaluations and make recommendations.
  • Project managers. One of the primary responsibilities of project managers is to stay up to date with various details involving a business’s operations. Excel makes it much easier to track numerous pieces of data.

# 4 - A Variety of Non-Traditional Workers Benefit from Excel Classes

 While everyone is aware that accountants and office workers can benefit substantially from attending Excel classes, there are also several other non-traditional positions that gain benefits by understanding more about how Excel operates.

Some examples of other types of workers that gain an advantage through Excel mastery include:

  • Journalists are frequently faced with the challenge of handling large amounts of relevant information, which can be done much more easily with Excel.
  • Photographers often must determine the number of leads that translate into actual shoots. Learning how to track this information with an Excel spreadsheet can help photographers follow these details as well as many others.
  • Most teachers are faced with the responsibility of creating and tracking lesson plans. Acquiring Excel skills can help to track various details involved with these plans including student grades and seating lists.
  • Many writers benefit by learning advanced Excel skills because they are better able to monitor payments, topics, and free time during the day. As a result, gaining Excel skills frequently leads to more productive writers.

#5 - Workers Who Master Excel Experience Salary Increases

 Many workers have discovered that improving their Excel skills has resulted in salary increases. Because Excel plays such a vital role in a number of positions, numerous companies recognize this value and reward workers who master Excel with salary increases. Statistics reveal that some workers witness salary increases of $1,000 to $7,000 each year after learning Excel skills.

Enroll in an Excel Class

No matter if you are beginning your career, making a career switch, or looking to increase your attractiveness to potential employers, there is much to be gained by enrollment in one of our Microsoft Excel classes. Some people even discover that learning Excel impacts not just their professional, but also personal lives.

We invite you to look at our class listings to discover which Excel program works best for you. We also many other types of classes too.

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