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Validate Scope, which is part of the Monitoring & Controlling process group, is a tricky process and many test takers easily confuse this with other processes. In this process, the customer is formally accepting the completed project deliverables. Most people fall into the trap of thinking this process is to verify that the scope is documented accurately.

As with most processes, this is done frequently and many times during the project lifecycle, given that there will be many deliverables. Validate Scope is often built into meetings with the customers to review and obtain sign off on the deliverable. It is ill-advised to wait until the end of the project to obtain sign off in all the deliverables. You risk the customer rejecting the deliverable leading to rework and potentially not having enough time to complete the rework.


The inputs into this process are Verified Deliverables, Work Performance Data, along with the common inputs of the Project Management Plan and Project Documents. Verified Deliverables is an output from Control Quality. Verified Deliverables signify that the deliverables have been inspected and measured to ensure they conform to quality standards. Verified Deliverables are considered as the one the most important outputs in any project.

Work Performance Data is focused on telling how the deliverables were created. For example, due to errors, it took an extra 60 hours to complete the product, this is not going to be acceptable. The Project Management Plan, one the most important document in the project, is the single approved document that guides the entire project. In this case, the scope, scope baseline, and other processes would be reviewed as well as updated. Along with the Project Management Plan, project documents such as the requirement traceability matrix would play a key role.


Inspection involves a point-by-point review of the scope that is associated with the deliverable. The customer must decide if the deliverable is acceptable or is rework is required.


Acceptable Deliverables is the key output for this process, and one of the most important for the project. It is typically performed by the project manager, the sponsor, the customer, etc. The result is a formal written acceptance by the stakeholders.

Work Performance Data is also an output of this process. As the work performance data flows through Validate Scope the more refined the Work Performance Data will be.

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