Python is by far the most popular language used by programmers for data science, and it is also quite popular in web applications and game development. Python is considered a high-level programming language, but with its easy syntax and robust documentation, it is considered one of the easiest languages for beginners to learn.

In this 5-day hands-on Python course, you'll learn the fundamentals of Python, and then you'll transition into more complicated programming tasks. We'll focus heavily on data science using Pandas, Matplotlib, and Sci-Kit learn. With these packages, you'll learn how to input, analyze, and make visual representations of data.

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This Python Bootcamp is offered at Noble Desktop, our coding school in NYC.

What You'll Learn

  • Data types within Python which include strings, integers, list, floats, etc.
  • Control flow, looping, and function which will allow you to create powerful programs.
  • Object-oriented programming, which allows for the creation of reusable programs.
  • Combine these skills into a special project in data science.