Premiere Pro Bootcamp

Beginner to Intermediate Adobe Premiere Pro Training

Adobe Premiere Pro is an industry standard tool of choice used by many professional video editors. In this 18-hour course, we'll take you from novice to advanced user through hands-on exercises in filmmaking and video editing.

We'll start with the basics, introducing you to Premiere Pro's interface and functionality.  We'll quickly progress through more intermediate features. You’ll learn how to organize and import footage, exporting options, how to use the Timeline, create titles, work with PSDs, use audio tracks, and more. Then, we'll dive into more advanced features including multicam editing, color correction, speeding up footage, and stop-motion loops. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to add Adobe Premiere to your design repertoire, and you'll have some portfolio-worthy projects under your belt.

This Premiere Pro Bootcamp is held at our design school in SoHo.

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$975 18 Hours Mac and PC provided 594 Broadway, NYC In-person classroom training

This course is offered at our design school, Noble Desktop, in SoHo. View upcoming dates and register for this course directly on Noble Desktop’s website.

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What You'll Learn

  • Learn to cut and edit video & audio
  • Create a travel promo by integrating a logo graphic
  • Use a layered Photoshop file to create a title card
  • Sync a video sequence to a voiceover narration
  • Learn key video terminology
  • Export your videos for sharing
  • Multicam editing
  • Color correct video footage
  • Adjust the timing of footage (speed up and freeze-frame footage)
  • Create a looping animated GIF
  • Create a recipe how-to segment

Full Course Syllabus

Download PDF Outline

Section 1

Travel Video: Intro to Premiere Pro

  • Creating a new sequence
  • Importing files
  • Workspaces
  • Timecode
  • Adding audio to the timeline
  • Adding audio fades
  • Adding video

Travel Video: Transitions & Adding a Logo

  • Resizing a clip using Effect Controls
  • Using the Cross Dissolve transition
  • Adding a transparent logo
  • Using a tint effect
  • Working within title and action safety
  • Exporting

Shanarra Title Card

  • Adjusting audio volume
  • Importing a layered PSD file
  • Staggering layers in time
  • Adding animation
  • Adding a Linear Wipe effect
  • Rendering for playback
  • Adding text with the Type tool

Section 2

Zoo Promo: Working with Voice-Over

  • Adding voice-over & removing a section of audio
  • Adding music
  • Adjusting audio volume
  • Adding the photos & videos
  • Resizing a video
  • Setting in & out points in the timeline

Zoo Promo: Animations, Effects, & Transitions

  • Adding Zoom-In animation
  • Adjusting existing keyframes
  • The Slip Tool
  • Adjusting animation on the Cross Dissolve
  • Adding a Push Slide transition

Zoo Promo: Adding Subtitles & Exporting

  • Adding subtitles
  • Adding client revisions
  • Exporting

Section 3

Handy Promo: Adjusting Audio Keyframes

  • Editing Audio
  • Converting Mono Audio into Stereo
  • Adjusting Audio Levels Using Keyframes

Handy Promo: Adding Camera Moves & Effects

  • Creating a Content Edit
  • Adding Camera Moves
  • Retiming Footage
  • Color Balance Effect
  • Animating a Logo Clip

Handy Promo: Dynamically Linking to After Effects

  • Dynamically Linking to After Effects
  • Adding a Drop Shadow Effect
  • Exporting

Section 4

Express Jeans Promo Video

  • Creating a Stop-Motion Photo Sequence
  • Rotating a Nested Sequence
  • Using an Opacity Mask
  • Applying the Ultra Key Effect
  • The Color Workspace
  • Creating an Export Preset

Office Man: Greenscreen Removal

  • Keying the Background
  • Creating a Subsequence from an Existing Clip
  • Adding Motion Blur with the Transform Effect

Office Man: Audio & Color Correction

  • Adding Audio Panner Animation
  • Color Correction in the Lumetri Color workspace
  • Exporting

Section 5

Muffins Recipe Video: Adding Audio & Video

  • Editing Audio
  • Adjusting Audio Levels
  • Selecting Video Footage

Muffins Recipe Video: Retiming Video

  • Importing a Sequence From Another Project
  • Creating a Title Card From a Still
  • Retiming Footage
  • Freeze-framing Footage & the Ripple Edit Tool

Muffins Recipe Video: Adding Text Graphics

  • Adding Title Text
  • Importing the Rest of the Titles
  • Exporting With Media Encoder

Section 6

The Interview: Creating a Multicam Sequence

  • Syncing clips
  • Creating the Multicam
  • Using a different audio track
  • Organizing the Project Panel
  • Editing audio
  • Editing video

The Interview: Adding Titles, Transitions, & Editing Music

  • Importing the Title Sequence
  • Adding text
  • Adding a Dip to Black transition
  • Adjusting Audio
  • Adding Background Music

The Interview: Color Correction

  • Clip Color Correction using Lumetri Color in Effect Controls
  • Exporting