Learn Advanced After Effects Techniques

In this intermediate/advanced After Effects course, we’ll take your After Effects skills to the next level.  We'll master text animations and create transitions between multiple layouts. Through several hands-on real-world projects integrating graphic elements with audio, video and photo elements, we'll master motion graphics workflow to create advanced projects, taking them from the initial design to final delivery.

In addition, we'll cover scripts to speed up your animation process, creating looping animations, working with mattes and masks, effective greenscreen removal, digital cell-phone screen replacement, rotoscoping live-action, morphing shape layers, integrating hand-drawn elements, JavaScript to automate animations in After Effects, animating UI's, working in After Effects 3D space, and much more.

Motion Graphics Certificate Program

Take our After Effects Level 1, Premiere Bootcamp, and Motion Graphics Portfolio Development courses along with this course and earn a Certificate in Motion Graphics.

Prerequisites: It is strongly recommended that you have taken our After Effects Level 1 course, or have equivalent experience working with the software.

This Adobe After Effects course is held at our design school, Noble Desktop, in Midtown.

What You'll Learn

  • Integrate live footage with still-images & animated graphics
  • Create a simple character animation
  • Sync a text animation to audio with fluid transitions
  • Learn to master the latest motion graphics techniques
  • Track the movement of objects
  • Learn effective green screen removal
  • Set up and and animate Lower Thirds
  • Learn advanced compositing techniques
  • Create a dynamic background using layered effects and particles