Multi-day deep dive course in Excel, weaving in important analytics and visualization topics including dashboards, interactive decision support, data visualization theory and applications, advanced charting, and predictive analytics. 

Learn to make faster and better business decisions using data with predictive analytics and dashboards. Build interactive elements and dashboards without coding. Mine insights, find trends, and forecast with native Excel features.

Our training is perfect for experienced business teams familiar with Excel. People whose roles are business analyst, data analyst, financial analyst, analytics manager, program or project manager and similar will feel very comfortable with the course content, pace, and challenge. This is not an introductory course nor should it be considered on a scale from beginner to advanced. This course is designed for business teams to gain immediate and practical skills to solve pressing business problems.

warning-standard-solid This course has a prerequisite

Students should have Excel proficiency equivalent to our Advanced Excel course, including VLOOKUP, MATCH, Pivot Tables, and nested functions.

What You'll Learn

  • Advanced Lookup functions
  • Dynamic tables
  • Interactive elements
  • Dashboards
  • Data visualization principles
  • Advanced charts
  • Predictive analytics