Intermediate Excel for Business

Master VLOOKUP, Pivot Tables, Formulas & Functions

Go from beginner to experienced professional: summarize data with Pivot Tables, write advanced functions including VLOOKUP, and learn techniques to expedite your workflow. Split and join text, create drop-down menus, and sort and filter data. Use statistical formulas like COUNTIFS and SUMIFS to learn more about your data. At the end of this class, you'll unlock powerful techniques that will help you complete tasks more quickly.

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Prerequisites: Attendees must have Excel proficiency equivalent to our Excel Fundamentals course.

Class Notes: A PC or Mac with Excel will be provided (choose your operating system at checkout). The instructor will present on a PC but will explain the differences for Mac students, and the class files clearly outline the differences.

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$209 7 Hours Mac and PC provided 185 Madison Avenue, NYC In-person classroom training

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Aug 24 Saturday, 10am–5pm
Aug 26 Monday, 10am–5pm
Aug 28–29 Wed–Thu, 6–9pm
Aug 30 Friday, 10am–5pm
Sep 5 Thursday, 10am–5pm
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What You'll Learn

  • Navigation tricks & shortcuts
  • Summarize data with Pivot Tables
  • VLOOKUP function
  • Join and split text
  • Create drop-down menus
  • Sort & filter data
  • Tricks to speed up workflow
  • Logical functions: IF, AND, OR

Full Course Syllabus

Download PDF Outline

Worksheet Management


  • Keyboard shortcuts that facilitate quick and easy navigation around the worksheet

Paste Special

  • Use Paste Special to apply formats, as well as perform calculations on selected cells

Working with Text

Splitting Text

  • Use Text to Columns to split text into multiple cells

Joining Text

  • Join text from separate cells

Named Ranges

  • Assign a name to a range of cells to make it easier to reference those ranges in calculations

Data Validation

  • Create a drop-down menu to make data entry quicker and more efficient

Sort & Filter

  • Use Sort & Filter to find and organize data in large databases

Remove Duplicates

  • Use Remove Duplicates to eliminate duplicate data

Database Functions


  • Use Vlookup to find information in one column and return information from another column


  • Use Hlookup to find information in one row and return information from a second row

VLOOKUP - Closet Match

  • If an "Exact Match" cannot be found, Vlookup can still be used to find the closest match

Logical Functions


  • Tests to see whether multiple conditions are true

IF statements

  • Use IF statements to return output based on the contents of another cell

Pivot Tables

Pivot Tables

  • Create Pivot Tables to quickly summarize large databases

Pivot Tables & Grouping

  • Group within Pivot Tables

Multiple Pivot Tables

  • Create multiple Pivot Tables on a single worksheet

Statistical Functions


  • Use Rank.eq and Rank.avg functions to determine a cell's position within a larger array


  • Use COUNTIFS function to count cells based on one or more conditions


  • Use SUMIFS function to sum cells based on one or more conditions

Advanced Charts

Combo Charts

  • Combine two or more charts into a single chart, with the option of adding a secondary axis

End of Class Project


  • End of class project to review key concepts from the class

Intermediate Excel Classes in NYC

Are you comfortable with the essential functions of Excel, such as entering data, basic calculations, and formatting spreadsheets? If so, there’s a lot more Excel can do to help with your business needs. In this intermediate course, you’ll learn the following skills:

  • Use Pivot Tables to summarize large datasets
  • Query Excel data with VLOOKUP and other database features
  • Perform descriptive statistics functions with COUNTIFS and SUMIFS
  • Combine charts to illustrate complex relationships between data

Intermediate Microsoft Excel Course at NYIM

Intermediate Excel for Business covers the essential applications of Excel used frequently by business professionals. This course is perfect for those with an understanding of basic formulas and functions, charts, and workbook management techniques. In this intermediate-level course, you will learn Pivot Tables, summary tables that calculate statistics and essential information from massive datasets.

Learn Functions to Manage Your Excel Database

If you’re using Excel to manage large datasets, Intermediate Excel will help you manage data better with lessons on basic database functions. Intermediate Excel also covers VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP to query columns and rows.  We will show you crucial database management tools including Named Ranges, Sort & Filter, and Data Validation to help you enter data quickly and efficiently.

Accelerate Your Workflow with Shortcuts

Throughout the class, we'll show you tricks and techniques to speed up your workflow, including navigational and keyboard shortcuts. In this hands-on course, you will work on real-world examples, reinforcing the concepts with practice throughout the class, as well as a cumulative project at the end.

Enroll Now and Get Access to Our Free Training Videos

Our Excel video suite provides premium video lessons for Excel students. Review the course materials anytime you need a refresh with high-quality video and lifetime access on desktop, tablet or mobile. Intermediate Excel students receive the video suite, a $95 value, completely free with course sign up.

The Best Intermediate Excel Courses NYC Has to Offer:

  • Step-by-Step project-basic exercises
  • Practical training for your career
  • Taught by experienced Excel gurus
  • Lifetime access to training videos
  • Workbooks and shortcut sheets for Practice
  • Small classes and one-on-one attention

What are Intermediate Excel functions?

Do you want to improve your abilities in Excel? Our Intermediate Excel for Business course is the perfect option. This course offers comprehensive training in Excel with hands-on exercises in our custom workbooks.  You’ll leave this class with confidence and eager to demonstrate your knowledge of Excel at work!

Worksheet Management

Worksheet Management begins with Navigation techniques. To save time switching between keyboard and mouse, you can apply basic keyboard shortcuts to navigate around worksheets. You don’t need the mouse to highlight or move text from one cell to another.  Paste Special, which illustrates how to copy data, formatting, and even formulas from one cell to another with a quick keyboard shortcut. 

Working with Text

What if you put the first and last name of each client in one cell, but want to divide them into two cells? If you have 200 clients in one Excel spreadsheet it could take hours. Do you have to copy and paste text from one cell to another? Not with Intermediate Excel functions! 

Split Text from one cell into multiple cells by using the ribbon and Join Text from multiple cells into a single cell with CONCATENATE and the ampersand “&”.  You can also make calculations easier by using Named Ranges to classify an individual cell or a range of cells.

Keeping your data organized is essential to perform calculations and other data functions in Excel. Data Validation formats cells with a drop-down menu, thereby restricting the data that can be entered into a cell.  

Sort & Filter will show you how to organize and search your data efficiently. Remove Duplicates demonstrates Excel’s ability to quickly examine a set of data and eliminate any duplicate rows.  

Database Functions

Database Functions help you find data within the Excel worksheet quickly. For example, you may look up a product code, and return the name or the cost of that product.  The VLOOKUP is easily considered the second most important skill in Excel and helps you find data within columns.  HLOOKUP is used to find data within rows. 

Logical Functions

Logical functions help you find data that meets certain criteria. For example, with the IF statement you can design a true/false test and designate specific actions to perform for both true and false results.  This powerful ability allows a single cell to offer two different outcomes.  AND/OR functions build on the basic True/False property by implementing multiple logical tests to determine in a statement is true.  

Pivot Tables

Pivot Tables are easily the most-sought-after skill in Excel.  Pivot Tables are another way to analyze data in Excel through both consolidation and analysis. With the Grouping technique, you can consolidate row and column data into groups.  You can also create Multiple Pivot Tables on the same worksheet page.

Statistical Functions and Advanced Charts

It’s hard to keep track of data within large datasets. The RANK.EQ, COUNTIFS, and SUMIFS provide additional information on data position and count within an Excel worksheet. Combo Charts are a unique visualization tool that allows Excel users to combine two charts.

Why Learn Intermediate Excel at NYIM?

At NYIM, helping professionals master Excel quickly and efficiently is our #1 priority. We offer a variety of benefits to ensure every student succeeds. When you attend classes at NYIM you’ll find small class sizes, a modern computer lab with PCs and Macs, and patient instructors that ensure everyone understands.

We also provide a free course retakes for all courses include Intermediate Excel. After the course, take time to practice and reinforce what you’ve learned with your Excel workbook. Take your Intermediate Excel course again within six months absolutely free of charge!